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Slacker Favorites - Playlist Question

So I started adding various songs as "Favorites" on Slacker radio. So now I can click on the heart button and see my favorites, but is there also a way I can have it go song by song through my favorites? I don't see anyway I can just play my Favorites one song after another without actually selecting each song manually?

You can, but unfortunately not from the car. The Tesla app is in need of an overhaul to add several features missing from the mobile and web clients.

I agree the Slacker App for the car could use a serious overhaul....

I'm confused. Please elaborate. You say "you can" but then say not from the car. So if not from the car, how can I do it?

Comes in three flavors: free, radio plus, premium. The car can do radio plus, which is what we get. Playlists and such are part of premium.


If I were to pay extra for the premium version will the cars software support the added features?

The car does not currently support slacker premium per volker


Sorry, should have explained that better. The newer version of slacker has favorite playback, my vibe (mood playlist), lyrics (been there for web for a while), and several other options for listening and controlling the playback of music.

One more reason why the radio reception sucks... because it gets perfect digitally broadcast versions. Was skimming thru Tune in and found 91X! I haven't listened to the radio since I got hooked on XM in our truck in 2005. I missed listening to 91x but I couldn't stand the static anymore. But now my S gets 91x in perfect digital clarity! Couldn't be happier. I love the S! Check out tune in!:-)

Email to ask for your Slacker login and password. Once you receive these, login to the website, and you'll be able to customize your account in ways that might not be possible using the Slacker media interface in your car. Still need to experiment more myself as I don't yet know the entirety of what's possible.

Ownership told me they do not give out Slacker credentials anymore.

You can absolutely use premium Slacker in your Tesla. I have it running in mine and I have all my playlists synced between my web/phone/car which is very nice. You need to create a slacker account, sign up for premium and then enter your credentials in place of the Tesla credentials in your car. Works great except that sometimes it doesn't sync (I haven't had this problem in about six months though after complaining that I had to reenter my login credentials).


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