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Slacker Internet Radio

I have never had Slaker radio and I LOVE my Model S, but I am getting some feedback/white noice/snowy sound behind the music. Annoying enough to go back to FM where it is not happening. Any ideas/help appreciated.

how did you set up the account? did tesla do it for you? was set up and ready to play in the car.

When I received my car FM radio gave me only noise. A reboot of both cluster and touchscreen appears to have fixed it. Along with the FM radio issue my blink lights didn't make any noise. This was also fixed with the reboot. Try rebooting the touchscreen/cluster to see if that fixes the noise.

From what I heard, slacker account info is pulled automatically in v4.0 and above. My account has a long username.

Will it save all of my favorites?

I setup Slacker radio on my iPhone and setup my favorites on that when I am away from the car and it seems to push it back up that way.

my slacker account seems to be setup because I can use it but I haven't found a way to see what the account name is. I did a cursory search last night but I'll take a closer look.

it's under app settings in the menu

If you reboot, just about everything is saved (only the Average/Instant graph selection in the Energy graph is not). Your favorites are synced with your Slacker account, so even if the car is totaled and you get a new one, you'll still have your favorites stored. They also show up in the mobile apps and the desktop website.

Okay, I rebooted and I still have the same noise. It is only on the internet radio and it is only coming from my front passenger speaker. Any ideas on this?

I have the same problem... high pitched static/crackling noise coming from right side, affecting only Internet radio. The noise increases with the audio volume, and ceases during quiet passages. I informed the local Tesla service center. Had the car for 1 week.

Your account # should be the last five digits of your VIN I just had to get a new Slacker account through OE and that is the email address, so to speak, of my car.

dalec, can you keep me in the loop on what they say please? My friend that also got a model s thinks it maybe a module or something that needs to be replaced. I am not technical at all.

I'm having a similar issue except I hear it for all the audio selections. It almost sounds like some kind of electrical feedback. I've had the car for less than a week and other than this minor issue I love it. Did those of you with sound problems get them fixed and if so what was the source of the problem?

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