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slacker not working well last few days

Slacker has been skipping nearly every song, for about a week now. It goes to the next song, shows the title, and then just hangs for 20 seconds or so and skips to the next, or, it plays the first 3 seconds and does the same. On Thursday and Friday things got a bit better but then yesterday it started acting up again.

Anyone else have the same problem?

Yes, I have had that problem intermittently for a day or two. It's disappointing because I rely on Slacker most of the time.

I had the same problem. I ended up rebooting and that seems to fix the problem.

P.S.: I would love to have access to Google Play. I subscribe to both Slacker and to Google Play's All Access service. They're similar, but Play's automatic mixes are much better and it provides access to more music, including everything I've already purchased.

I've had the same problem here in Northern CA. Bummer; use it all the time. Time to pepper OE with phone calls and emails?

Same problem. Multiple reboots didn't help. Today was better.

It happens sometimes, until the next time I start the MS and then everything is fixed again.

Mine was doing that today, too.

I have had the same issue here in Vancouver. Reboot helps for a day or so and then it starts cutting in and out again.

I assumed Slacker was having issues. Slacker has several times got to the point were it wouldn't play any sounds at all. Internet Radio was working at same time, so i assumed it was a Slacker issue.

Same in AZ last few days. Somewhat better when I changed the settings to medium quality instead of high quality.

IMHO Slacker sucks. Technical issues, plus catalog and song choice algorithms are far better on Pandora. You can get Pandora on $15K cars these days. Time for Tesla to step up by adding Pandora and (PLEASE) Spotify.

I too have been having problems the past few days. Streaming from mobile phone is fine, so it seems to be something with the Tesla app.

I actually prefer slacker over Pandora. Unlimited skips and being able to "request" a ton of songs on demand are big to me.

Happens to me all the time. Slacker is generally more unusable than usable on any given day.

Same problem here since Friday.

Slacker has been intermittent for me recently as well. I will go a day without issue then it will 'freeze' trying to access a song on my playlist.

When I talked to the ownership team today about another issue that I have been having with my touch screen, I mentioned this problem happening the last few days.

They said that they are aware of the slacker problem the last few days and are working with Slacker on a fix for it.

Having the same skipping issue, extremely annoying now that I'm hooked on slaker. Problem seem to start when tesla added the "WIFI" option.

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