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Sleep mode coming in the next software release and other updates...

Interesting article, as the article says sleep mode coming in the very next software release can't wait!

Great news! Lately we've been finding out more about our cars through the press and social media than we are through any sort of effective communication by Tesla with its owners.

Beyond the lack of general information and information updates for owners, I'm experiencing a noticable lack of attention and/or interest in solving minor (or not so minor) problems with the car. I took delivery three and half weeks ago, and despite repeated calls for help in fixing a faulty TPMS system which arrived with the car, the problem persists. I also find that consistent information on how announced initiatives (valet program, service and maintenance program, roadside service, etc.)are going to work is hard to come by. Overworked staff? Tesla suddenly growing too fast?

Yes and yes...

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