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Just sold my Volvo and ready for a Tesla!.....deciding to order new or get a service vehicle.

Nonetheless I am very excited!

I am in a similar position, not decided whether to get a new one or to get a pre-owned one. I wonder if it is worth getting one from a used car online site for 10 or 15 grand less on a car driven 3000 to 8000 miles.

Wouldn't be a safer bet to place your order online and use the next two weeks tracking down loaners by calling your nearest showroom. If you find a loaner first, then use the deposit for the purchase instead.

I found a few used ones online and on TMC that I would like to buy but I want the tax credit. Because I am car less now Tesla is working there magic to find me a car. I want a new one but if they can find me a loaner that is a good deal I am going to jump on it. I really want the new features that come with the new builds I just don't know if I can wait until the end of the year.


I am talking to Tesla about that, the issue is they have so many orders right now that they cannot promise a delivery before 12/31 unless I order a P85+ and I cannot afford that. I am not 100% sure the dep can be used for both but I will find out tomorrow.

Congrats on your decision to get a Model S. I hope you're as happy with yours as I've been with mine. =)

I am hoping Tesla can find me a used P85 for a good price!...keeping my fingers crossed!


Which new feature are you after? The parking sensors or the Cold Weather Package?

Parking sensors and the folding mirrors and the new software. It's a crap shoot but they have already found me a 60 in TX with those options so the hunt is on!

Electric folding mirrors? I thought that they were just released and were not likely on any 60's yet. You might have them verify that they are in that particular Tech Package if you really feel you need them.
All the cars get the updated software no matter what age they are.

Yeah I honestly don't really care about the mirrors but the parking sensors I need because of the area I live in. There's a really nice pearl white on TMC that I love but it's to far away.


Easy to ship cars. Go for it.

If you get a factory model that was built prior to August, they will also give you any option at the price prior to the August increase. That's what they did for me so I got a lot of features for a reduced price, along with a hefty discount given the fact that it was a factory model. In all, the savings could be much more than $10-12k for the same configuration you're looking to build if you find the right one. Good luck, it's an awesome car!

We sold our Volvo C70 as well as my truck and now are gas free for the last 8 months.

I equate this to quitting smoking. Congratulations!


Yes I am looking for a factory model and they have found a few but the price drop isn't that great. Most models for sale a P85 and those are out of my price range. I can get a service loaner P85 for the same price as a new 85 but it will have options I do not want or want to pay for. So I think I am just going to order a new one and oe it gets to me before the 31st.

If i were to decide i want to change my pre ordered car to another model, or another much later delivery date, and hence forfeit my current car to be delivered in 4 weeks......would i lose my deposit or would they credit it to my other MS?

Hypothetically speaking of course, if i were to grant GDH to get my car from TSLA, is this swap possible without long as i still buy a different TSLA car or later one ?

forgot to add...mine is a white S85 tech with leather and folding mirrors

I dont think they do that and I am not looking for a white car, grey all the way!. There's already 3 white cars in my neighborhood.

Thats because white is the BEST!!! HA

But grey next best IMHO.

@Jbunn, I have never quit smoking before, but I bet driving a Model S not only has lots of benefits, it is also a heck of a lot more fun:)

@Kaboom lmao white is pretty sweet, but it's becoming to popular. I am sure in a year or two people will be over it then a flood of white cars for sale.

Grey FTW!

You did quit smoking!

Ok that's odd, I put my money down and had to change my user name. Anyway, put $5K down on a new build but still searching for a loaner to get a car sooner. Keeping my fingers crossed!

@GDH, but you don't get the fed tax credit if you buy a used car!

I was GDH, anyway.

You do get the tax credit if you buy a Tesla loaner that has not been registered. If it's been registered, no tax credit.

You do get the tax credits if you buy a loaner or model showroom car. It's still considered a new car, bought from a "dealer".

Good luck!

You think you're excited! I'm going to pick my grey baby up in less than 14 hrs!

LUCKY!...........please post pics when you get it. Did you go with the 21" grey rims or standard 19"?

19" cyclones. Getting the car detailed next week and painting the wheels gunmetal, so should have pics then. Hope to get a similar look to the grey Turbines but with 19" wheels.

I ordered the 19" standard but I really want 21"grey's. I am hoping a can find a used set for a good deal.

So some advice form current owners would be nice.

I went to the Tesla store yesterday and on the floor they had a green 60 with the exact same options that I was going to order except it's a 60 not an 85 and green...but its on $80k.

The car I reserved but not confirmed yet is an 85, Grey, textile, with Tech, parking sensors and fog light.

I am really not a huge fan of the green but with the 21 grey's it doesn't look half bad....and the $12K difference in price I am loving.

Advice please.

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