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So what is with the Texas SuperChargers?

Is it that Texans have no need to go outside Texas?

Is it a conspiracy to keep Texans from leaving the state?


I thought Texas was going to secede from the U.S. and build a fence 50 feet tall and 10 feet thick separating their beloved country from Mexico and the remaining states in the U.S.

Why would a Texan want to leave their wonderful paradise?

Ron :) big time

It's an island unto itself. I empathize with Tom Hanks' character in Castaway only too well. Help.

@ lolachampcar +1

It is very disappointing that there are not enough superchargers in the north Texas area or in Texas as a whole as compared to the east or west coast. This is very puzzling considering Texans own a lot of Tesla! It blows my mind when even at the end of 2015, there will not be a charger on I-20 between Fort Worth and Mississippi!!!!! while it seems to be cramped together in the northeast! Come on now why is that?

I just posted about this. lol. We are trapped in Texas until next year and we may be able to go to Louisiana. 2015 until we can go west.

I noticed that Texas is disconnected from the national SC 'grid'.

Here's my idle speculation about what may be behind this:

Texas refuses to allow Teslas to sell cars in the state. Maybe Tesla is slow rolling the SC deployment in TX as a prod to get them to open up TX for direct sales to customers.

Also, TX is on the short list for gigafactory #1. Maybe Tesla is putting a little heat on TX politicians, delaying the GF location decision as long as they can.

Possibly some wealthy TX Tesla owners will put a little heat on the politicians, urging them to end their ridiculous animosity toward Tesla.

Just some of my idle thoughts. (As a retiree, I have time to spend dreaming up all sorts of ...)

Ron :)

The gigafactory will change the Texas sales issue I'm almost positive. Problem is our Austin boys don't meet too often. I doubt Tesla is slow rolling as Dallas is just filthy with the things. As I always do I want to add my voice that no even planned SC on I-20 is just insane. The local SC guys agree. I-35 and I-10 can't come soon enough I'm dieing to drive to CO.

Texas does not refuse to let Tesla sell cars in the state. Texas is one of Tesla's biggest markets. Sure, the dealers are making Tesla jump through some hoops and exploit loopholes, but it is seriously not a real hindrance to sales.

Also remember that TX got some of the early superchargers. It's an important market.

I think the problem is that east NM, LA and OK are "flyover country" for Tesla. Not enough sales to justify superchargers. The only reason to build them is to allow TX to drive to the costs. Although important, it's not as important as other areas yet.

costs -> coasts

Why would anyone want to leave Texas - You've got Rick Perry and the Texas Miracle. What more could you want?

Grinnin. The wall is to keep the Wildlings out. White-walkers are OK, though.

We drove to Texas in February you are right just the Waco ,Corsica , Huntsville , San Marcos triangle !
Also you can't buy your Tesla in a store in Texas it has to be online. I will say the service center in Houston had it all together , they were great! More Texas sales will force Superchargers on the map.

@ Neech

"You've got Rick Perry and the Texas Miracle. What more could you want?"

You are frigging kidding me right? As a lifelong Texan, I cannot wait for Perry to be out of here! He was an embarrassment to most of us healthcare professionals during the last presidential run. He is a joke and a-half! He is pro big business, but very hard on small businesses with so many many regulations and fees. Alas, please forgive me for getting on my soapbox, but you touched a nerve ;)

The Supercharger "Texas Island" is a win-win situation for Texas and the other 47. It allows Texans to visit with their own kind for a spell and it keeps [rest of post illegible]


I didn't mean to get your panties in a bunch, I was joking around. I can't understand how Rick Perry lasted so long as governor. He is a twit. He thinks those new eyeglasses are going to fool people into thinking he is smart now. I hear he is retiring so keep your fingers crossed the voters do better next time.

I think the major issue here is Tesla sees the initial superchargers as part of their advertising budget. As a consequence, their focus is initially different than most owners.

1. Tesla Focus: Connect NYC to LA. Prove that Model S can perform well in roadtrip situation. Prove that a cross country trip is possible.

Consequence: South Dakota gets SC before Atlanta and Nashville,etc..

2. Owner's Focus: Can I take my Model S on my beach vacation this summer? Can I take Model S to New Orleans for Jazzfest? Can I go to my favorite restaurant 200 miles away? Etc, etc.

@ Neech

I appreciate your keen observation ;)

The new 2014 Supercharger map shows completed paths east on I-10, and west via a northern route. Shouldn't be long. I have a feeling we're going to see a "push" of Superchargers soon, like we did at the beginning of the year.

@christurbeville +1

I can't wait to get to Denver. . .

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