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SoCAL Tesla S Insurance quotes

I have been quoted a total of $4300 a year, with 1 point against me, with AAA Insurance, I have been with them over 10 Years! Living and driving in Los Angeles. That's crazy. Geico was way less but said since I had a speeding ticket in the last year they wouldn't take me. I have been driving since I was 16 and never had a claim ever! I am 54 now, what the hell!??
Anyone else had better prices and luck? I know the car is expensive to fix if I was in an accident for sure, but let's get real! Thanks..

$4300 sounds unreasonable, and not taking you for 1 point also sounds unreasonable. Try several more companies. BTW, I left CAAA 8 years ago because of one tiny parking lot accident. That I was with them for 20+ years made no difference to them.

Try Mercury insurance. I live in Santa Monica and they're by far the best option for me.

Just got quote for 3100. Its only 1500 more than insuring my prius which is significantly cheaper car. I will still look at geico and others.

BTW - imaging getting in an accident. Any accident that bends the floor is going to kill the battery - and that is going to be a lot to replace!

Thanks for all you input! Jukevargo, I am in Santa Monica too, and will try Mercury, may I ask how much you are paying?

@steadicamp - we got a quote for $876 for 6 months. That's for me and my wife, as well as a second car (our current car is a nissan cube).

My wife also 1 "ding" on her record, so that makes it even more.

- Mike

P.S. - when are you getting yours? Maybe we can show off each other's once we both get it. So excited for this damn car!

I'm still 6-8 weeks away from delivery so without a VIN# my current insurance company won't give me a quote. Being 52 I used The Hartford (throughAARP). They were way cheaper vs. my old insurance company -State Farm. Worth a call if you have a VIN#.

I got a recent quote from Capital Insurance Group (you will need to contact an agent) that was extremely favorable compared to other rates I looked at. This was in Northern California, but they cover the entire state along with I think WA, OR, NV and AZ.

try Progressive. I use them for my daughter who does not have the most stellar driving record.

Picked up my S on Mar 9.

We had Mercury as a carrier for many years. My broker said they didn't want to insure our Tesla.

We got Fireman's Fund for $2,170/year, including our Acura RL. Our homeowner's insurance has been with Firemans for a long time.

No tickets, accidents, etc. We are 69 and 64 yrs and live in La Jolla.

$389 for 6 months from State Farm. Excellent driving record, no accidents

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