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Software Updates

I'm on 4.5.61. Anyone notice that this is a bit longer than usual between updates. Looking at the release notes page that was compiled it is usually under 2 weeks between minor updates/major updates. Think this means then next one is going to be a major update?

Elon said by summer's end there will be an update that re-introduces "Sleep" mode to some degree. So yes, I think there will be a major update with Sleep Mode as well as (possibly) the software necessary to run the new options like parking sensors and rear seat heaters (though I believe that's already baked in, as shown on TMC).

Hill-hold is what I really miss.

-Had car 3+ months - 2 updates - my math does not give me 'under 2 weeks' between them
-If you mean space between updates - means nothing

I just got 4.5 last week. My last software update before that has been at least 6-8 weeks. I would not expect another major release (not just bug fixes) for another 4-8 weeks.

I also heard someone mention a significant upgrade to the Energy tracking section of the UI on the 17" display -

I agree 110% about the hill hold. That would be a major improvement in comfort for the driver. If you have not had this do not knock it - it is a great feature in heavy traffic or at long lights. I would think it would be an easy software fix. I hope that they add it.

I'm not talking about users actually getting updates as that appears to be highly variable for users. I'm talking about the unofficial release dates for software updates as documented here:

From that list of unofficial dates, it looks like a minor update--what I call the various 4.x releases--almost monthly. IMHO it makes no sense to count bug fixes (4.5's had several of these!) and try to parse it into a planned update cycle.

Anyway, they make releases as they have enough new things to release, it looks like to me--I don't think they're on a very firm schedule. (shrug) You really can't predict based on past releases, anyway. . . .

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