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Solar City SCTY is the better stock than TSLA

I have been in scty for a week and love this company.
Now there are only two stocks I own scty and tsla

Thanks Elon!

Does anyone know what is behind the Feds investigation of SolarCity's finances as it relates to the 30% subsidy the Feds pay? And then there is SolarCity's lawsuit alleging that the Feds aren't paying enough in subsidies?

@ DouglasR believe that was Elon being sarcastic it was a mistake by google SCTY should be valued at 3Billion not Trillion

If Solar City installs enough solar panel systems, they very well could be worth 3 trillion, in the future.

As I mentioned elsewhere, there are many "gotchas" that bias the rate and grid unfairly. One is the requirement that utilities preferentially buy all "renewable" output first, exposing them to its costs and fluctuations, which must be made up by fiddling the conventional plants. That imposes severe additional costs on them, often rendering them uneconomical. Taking the conventional grid for granted may degrade it to the point that it can no longer function as a base-load safety net for the wild variations of the renewables.

Germany and many other European countries are in the grips of exactly this dilemma now. Even at 30+¢/kWh, rising fast. Beware.

@bmrealmccoy - The number was $39 trillion, not $3 trillion, which would have made SCTY's market cap more than twice the entire U.S. GDP. I guess I should have added a smiley. ;)

@bmrealmccoy - oops. Just checked my post, and I did say $3.39 trillion. Anyway, I assure you, I knew that wasn't correct.

The Solar City system improves the national grid and helps counter peak demand. Peak demand is in the daytime when the sun is shinning. That's when solar panels are working, perfect ! SCTY reduces peak, daytime demand.

A SCTY system, coupled with a battery, allows the home owner to buy electricity at night, at reduced rates, to the system if it's getting low on juice, thus raising offpeak sales for the electric company.

On cloudy days, the battery acts as a backup system , still keeping peak demand down.

Wouldn't be a surprise to see SolarCity to a similar capital raise right now. Stock at around 50. Could easily raise 250-500m.

Would the risks be worth the rewards these additional funds would do to expanding the business? Waiting for the press release to drop soon...

What happens when solarcity has developed a quality battery storage system to replace grid power?
They install a system at every customer site. Customer still pay the locked in rate. Solarcity eliminates all payments to pg&e. Every dollar goes to solarcity now. Wonder how long battery storage lasts, how much home battery costs? In partnership with Tesla, to me, revenues could explode in a matter of a single fiscal year.

Forgot to mention they could purchase, at a deep discount, used MS batteries, divid them into 4-6 home storage batteries further cutting costs and increasing revenue. No other solar company can compete with this either...

How about if they provide HPWC connections to a fleet of Tesla cars for employees and use the cars for battery backup.

I think the next solar revolution is going to be some combination of concentrated solar, using collectors or focusers, and solar thermal like we are seeing at the Solana plant in Arizona. Silicon panels are simply too inefficient. Even panels made by Sunpower out of California - the most efficient panels on the market - are around 35%. I have those on my roof, but I had to cover practically my entire roof to produce 80% of my needs. I read that concentrated solar can significantly reduce that footprint. I'm sure some smart people will figure out a way to shrink those technologies down to residential application.

Have home battery swap too. Charge the battery off solar. Use primarily as home energy storage when not in the car. Swap if you need a quick charge in the car or vice versa if need more home energy. Also not sure how much wear and tear a home battery system puts on the battery but could help overall longevity as well.

All this just makes me think of how we will one day have mobile energy storage and production at the individual level. No longer will we need a central power production. The future is not about bigger, but about specific and efficient.

If batteries become smaller and more powerful at the same time, I can see a day we could produce enough energy to power our cars, house, etc, by just walking for a day. Take the battery off your back, plug it into your home and you've got enough stored power to run your central heat and water. Wild brained ideas, right? But tesla and solarcity seemed to create this type of thinking... What a different future than the dooms day mad max one I keep hearing about...

Concentrated solar just substitutes mirror area for some of the panels. The area involved total is the same; TANSTAAFL.

Solarcity in partnership with Tesla Motors will offer a home battery storage package that will take customers off the grid for cheaper then current utility bill by 2015.

With most likely a few 100k contracts by then, this could be huge really fast... Makes scaling battery production a priority for both companies... Hmmm, wonder how that's going to happen?

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