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Some misc info from Los Angeles event

I attended the Los Angeles 3rd street Promenade Store Opening and was able to get some more info on a wide range of stuff.
Here's some miscellaneous info across the board:

* Tesla is actually still developing the 40 and 60 battery packs. They are not complete which is why the 300s are going first. Everything they worked on was the 300 first.

* The battery pack you order will largely dictate your delivery. They aren't building all 300s only, but the lower battery packs will sprinkle in at the beginning. This is not an assembly line thing according to the rep I spoke with.

* I asked about grey leather interior delaying delivery. He was unsure if that was still true. He was going to check for me.
The grey leather is very light. I'd day 20% grey, maybe less, but not white at all.

* All the performance cars come with different colored piping on the trim of the seats. Black leather had red piping, but other colors like grey had a different color. None were the same from what I recall.

* He showed me an interactive tool to figure out your electric costs per year. It was averaging just under $600 for EV car like Tesla. It was around $6k if you got around 22 miles per gallon on your ICE car. Over 120 months at 22mpg, you were looking at roughly 22k in gas. It was about 5k in electric if I remember correctly.


* I'm 5' 10" and I sat in the back of a Performance S. My head was hitting the roof. There was no pano in this model.
Over the driver seat the rep was sitting in with no Pano, he had an inch or two of clearnace and he was 6' 4". There is a carve out towards the sky in the roof of the S that has no Pano. FYI. Makes the ceiling a little strange looking to me.

* the ambient lights are under the backseat door handles and thats the only place.

* two small overhead lights in the ceiling over the 17" screen were operable by screen and by physically pushing on them.

* The handles on the car as slick as sh$t! They are slow though.

* backup camera display was messed up in the car I was in. Showed a split image and it looked like a reflection issue. Was weird but rep said they can fix it in software and download it to you. The beauty of it.

* Car felt smaller than I was expecting while sitting in the back. I'm not a big guy but not small either. I wouldn't say I had very much room and again, my head was touching the roof if I didn't slouch or lean back a bit.

* Wireless question wasn't answered. He said no dongle for connectivity but then this model had a USB one in it. Maybe for the event they had to? I think he said we could pick our carrier.

* I asked three different people about the TBD nationwide charging for the 60 and 85 and nobody would budge on it. They simply would not tell me how much or if it was a monthly fee or what. Sort of annoying. I can't imagine a monthly charge. This is the sort of thing where it should be pre-paid or pay as you go. Maybe one time activation BS fee.

* Delivery option is only personal delivery. It can be to anywhere. One Price. $990. That's it. It's $990 even if they deliver to plant at Fremont.

* A Rep said it has twice the cargo space as a 550i.

* tan interior is slightly on the mustard-y side, but not saturated like mustard. Think closer to Grey Poupon.(sp?)

* Model X is slick as hell too.

* Carbon fiber in a number of places on the Model S Performance. Crap I want that version.
Carbon on the center console towards the back between the seats. Two vents for AC/heat from the center console to the back seats. Doesn't look like dual climate for back seats but unsure about that. May be screen operated.

* Two drink holders in center between seats a part of the console which moves forwards and backwards. Sliding movement.

* small horizontal compartment under 17" screen to place phones and such. Only a 2" opening but deep enough to put a DVD in?

* Air suspension is the ONLY option right now. There are no other suspension systems because they are working on them now. The alternatives are not completed.

* Safest Sedan around because of tension bar that spans the front axel where normally in an ICE the engine would be. It, along with low COG and the battery pack pan on the bottom make for an extremely rigid and safe ride.

* Acceleration is smooth and strong. Gone are the days of feeling the gear change. Regen breaking is pretty strong but can be dampened from inside the car under controls. Thank Roadster owners for this because they demanded it.

Thats about what I remember. Feel free to question me about anything and maybe I'll remember.

peace out.

The waterproof necklace or watch idea is brilliant! Tesla I hope you are listening.........

+1 for necklace or watch

Or get yourself chipped, like your dog Arfer.

Put this in the other thread, but I'll echo it here as well: what do you get when you cross a flat RFID tag with a patch like a smoker wears? A cure for loosing your keys :D

I don't wear any jewelry or a watch but hope they have a great, secure app for Android and iOS instead also as options to get into my Model S as alternated to the FOB.

How about face recognition and/or doing a "signature" dance in front of the backup camera? [Does Kinect do something like this?]

Set the "unlock via backup camera app" mode. May need some sort of lighting if you get back in the dark.

My computer recognizes me with a finger scan; that's how I log in. If nothing else, this would make a nice backup system that I don't imagine is too expensive.

Computer fingerprint scanners are surprisingly easy to fool. Trickiest part would be to get your fingerprint, but rest is easy. If you want it to be secure it should be palm blood vessel pattern scanner.

Anyway, RFID key to enter car is sufficient. Starting the rest of the car should be the hard part for the potential car thief. Because entire drivetrain depends of electronics and computing, it would not be too hard to make that part really hard (assuming CPU is not easily accessible).

Vawlkus | July 4, 2012 new
Put this in the other thread, but I'll echo it here as well: what do you get when you cross a flat RFID tag with a patch like a smoker wears? A cure for loosing your keys :D

That never happens. Weird thought. But if it cured losing keys, that would be great!

We can all get chipped like our pets!

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