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Something very exciting coming...

Really exciting @TeslaMotors announcement coming on Thursday. Am going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way.

Read it online:

Care to speculate?

(Thanks Erik)

If I am correct, 2PM PST equals 10pm or 22h in the Netherlands.

Maybe someone who is better known with converting those time zones can confirm if this is true, or, if it isn't, provide the Dutch who are interested in tuning in on the live webcast with the correct time?

I am really curious what the announcement will bring!

Netherlands is 9 hours ahead... Should be 23h or 11PM


I guess I am not the only one very curious about the announcement ;-)

Though, I do not hope it will be a takeover by a large car manufacturer (Toyota or Daimler-Benz)...

All kinds of possibilities have been running through my head since the initial announcement, though I haven't been able to put my finger on what the most likely outcome will be.

Guess I have to be patient, not my strongest point ;-)

A takeover would not fit the tweet. After the guidance came yesterday my bet is on electricy storage...

I think a number of recent events point to a clear announcement tomorrow.... before stating what I think they will announce here are some of the data points I am using to inform my point of view:

  • In the most recent earnings call Elon stated that the NYT review was originally going to be about a step increase in the Supercharger network / technology
  • Based on the announcement yesterday, every Model S is now shipping with the ability to utilize the Supercharger network without any additional Hardware
  • Elon's stated goal is to really push forward the adoption of EVs and he has stated that charging is a major barrier to that goal
  • Elon stated he was going to put his money where his mouth is in a very major way

    So my guess is that Tesla is going to announce that they are going to DRAMATICALLY increase the density of the supercharger network. Rather than superchargers being about 150 miles apart, they will be more like 30 miles apart. I am not sure how Elon is going to put his money behind this as there are a number of ways he could do this, including doing a personal loan to Tesla, spinning out the Supercharger technology into a new business that he then does a capital infusion into, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if it involves a partnership with companies like Target, Costco, McDonalds, etc. as those would be logical Supercharging locations to get the density up fast.

  • Level 2 chargers at a national hotel chain and iron man pays for installation and free juice to model s. stark enterprises gets a commission on Model S owner reservations which covers the free juice and the capitalize installation costs.

    Almost certainly supercharging station partnership.
    They have not be able to find locations fast enough so partnering with someone is great financial sense as they will get the space and possibly part of the charging hardware subsidized by partner who will benefit from Tesla visitors waiting 30 mins to charge car.
    Money where my mouth is must refer to his mouthing off at NYT and now going to deliver...
    Just one guy's opinion.

    Second manufacturing facility?

    2nd facility? The one they got is good for 500k cars a year...

    I agree with those who mentioned a partnership for SC stations. Do you guys have Cracker-Barrel on the west coast? They are all over the major highways hear on the east coast. It's a sitdown restaurant, taking about 1 hour to eat a meal...perfect!

    My guess is related to SC network, a great increase in number/density/speed will fit the "put the money where his mouth is" statement.

    I am guessing that it is Tesla is now making profit. TSLA jumped %16 on the annoucement today.


    Good guess, but given the official press release it is more a fact...


    I think you are a little bit exaggerating about the possible SC density: decreasing the average distance between SC's from 150 miles to 30 miles means that for every SC planned (150/30)^2-2 = 23 SC's are added. That seems a bit to much too me...

    *That seems a bit to much too me --> That seems a bit too much to me

    @ Bart84

    How about decreasing the average distance between the SuperChargers from 150 miles to 100 miles?

    I'm afraid I have guessed what the announcement will be. TM is going to establish a large combo solar and battery storage "farm", and attempt to run the Fremont factory on it.

    I don't think success is one of the possible outcomes of that.

    2:11 a.m., PST.


    You're a fellow Dutchman right?

    The ideal density is dependent on a lot of factors, e.g.:

    - city or countryside
    - average distance traveled
    - hot/warm/average climate
    - # of roads between destinations (larger number of routes means more possible routings between destinations, hence in order for not demanding a Tesla driver to take a large detour more SC's are needed with variability in location)
    - traffic density
    - average time per car spend occupying a SC (average service time in queueing theory)
    - # Tesla cars suited for SC on the road
    - etc. etc.

    Therefore it makes not much sense to talk about a mean distance between SC's since this would be oversimplifying.

    I stated earlier the option to make a separate business of the SC network, either fully owned by Tesla Motors or owned by a joint venture between Tesla Motors and SolarCity.

    However, it would not surprise me if the announcement considers a strategic alliance with another car company, e.g. Daimler-Benz or Toyota. Though I would be understandable and has some advantages in the form of reducing overall risks for Tesla, I would not be too happy if this would be the case. I'd rather see Tesla Motors succeed on its own and disrupt the car industry in a major way.

    But we'll see what Elon has up his sleeve. Eleven hours remaing until the announcement and I can't wait....

    @ Bart84

    Yes I am a fellow Dutchman.

    But more important is that we both (and many more) are fan of Elon Musk and his vision for humanity.


    I like your enthusiasm but I've never considered myself to be a fan. In my opinion a fan refers to someone not thinking by him-/herself and belong to a herd with groupthinking as the main pitfall.

    I think for myself and if I agree with Elon, which until now has been the case most of the time, then I agree, though being a fan of Elon in my opinion refers too much to listening what he has to say and uncritically making that your opinion as well.

    What I do have great respect for is his perseverance and (calculated) risk taking. It may be not his vision (sustainable transport and energy, making life multi-planetary) that is unique, but his ability to build the road to success for this vision.

    But as a reminder, until electric transport is really the main mode of transport and until life is actually multi-planetary, al lot of work still has to be done before success can be claimed.

    But this was off-topic...

    All the people expecting a partnership forget that it is not really compatible with the 'put money where mouth is' part of the announcement.

    Also, many people tend to think: "hmmm, what would I like most?" and post their christmas present wish list to Santa Elon. I don't think he is going to hand out any presents. The Model S is selling itself very well, there is no business sense in that.

    The press would yawn at the news of Tesla installing chargers in hotels. It wouldn't justify a conference call.

    Brian, a solar powered NUMMI plant was my initial thought too, although the battery storage part seems a bit expensive. A factory the size of NUMMI has a continuously metered connection. They pay spot price for their electricity. It would not make any economic sense to store expensive solar energy (electricity prices usually peak during the day) and then use it at night when electricity is cheap. Better to sell it during the day an buy it back later at a lower price.

    However, when solar power is a large chunk of your generating capacity (like in Germany), this is no longer true and actually the price dips mid-day. I believe this is not yet the case in California.

    As for the solar powered NUMMI plant, that fails the 'exciting' and 'very major way' part of the tweet. Ikea and Walmart already made the same move, so it would hardly make enough of a splash to justify the noise.

    @ Bart84

    Fans do think themselves and they do have their opinion. Fans are not something like sheep. I do not think that your definition/description of a fan is correct.


    Fair enough, either way, I prefer not to be categorized in any group by another person whatever that person's definition of that group is.

    I hope you understand this.

    @ Bart84

    Yes, I understand that.

    The point is that many people do appreciate what Elon Musk is doing.

    Please do continue to share your thoughts with the rest of us.

    How about right hand drive production? Opens up Japan, India, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, England.

    iI don't that its not something to with Tesla Motors the company directly, like investment or strategic alliance.
    It would potentially difficult to flag this in advance for a publicly quoted company.

    I hope Elon sold Solar City to someone with deep pockets with an agreement to partner on Supercharger production and management. Then infuse Tesla with $$ to go with a second shift and pay DOE earlier.

    dstiavnicky, a Supercharger is essentially a dozen Model S chargers in parallel. There is nothing preventing Tesla from cranking out a few more of those. Production and/or cost of the hardware is no problem. Most of the work is negotiating the sites and getting the permissions and grid connections.

    Is it hope that makes all Teslanauts convinced that the announcement cannot be anything else than an accelerated roll out of the supercharger network?

    But the expansion of the superchargers is already on the roadmap for quite some time, and most of the public would be completely uninterested by such an announcement. A waste of time to tune in to the conference call.

    And striking a deal with a partner to make them partly pay the bill is the opposite of 'putting my money where my mouth is'.

    Maybe they'll start an EV racing competition. Or a prize for the fastest time on the Top Gear track. To learn Jeremy Clarkson a lesson.


    I think you may be right! It's just not a lucky Model S buyer though. Elon is going to put up his own money to go into space to the ISS, or maybe it's just the GenIII announcement.

    I would think if this had anything to do w/Space X, Elon would have
    Announced it on a Space X Forum.
    Definately About Tesla,
    now that Model S is profitable,
    Elon will put personal funding into Gen III
    For an earlier roll out, say, June 2016

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