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Sounds and blind pedestrians. Hope not in Europe


IOW EV:s need a "Beep! Beep! Beep!" whenever they are driven slowly. That's like 1600 laws where people driving cars needed a person running in front of the vehicle with red flag.

I hope European version doesn't have that noisemaker. If it does and I buy it, first thing I will do is use wire cutters to disable that system.

I wonder what that means to Roadsters already sold. Or MiEV:s or any other car with silent engines.

Outlaw blind pedestrians, dangerous for EVs, cause serious fender damage.

Someone needs to search the records, and determine whether blind pedestrians to most damage to bumpers, fenders, hoods, or windshields.

typo: to do most damage ...

I'd rather let the Darwin do its job. This system makes me want to have flamethrower in front of the car. That should keep the pedestrians out of the way.

@Timo posts like that are not tolerated here. We are on the Tesla Forum and therefore expect a certain minimum of behavior here.

A flamethrower uses gas wich is unforgivable. Build in an Taser gun or so ;)

I thought of tasers, but they require wires which are hard to retrieve after a shot for reuse. Mass driver gun has too long range and could hurt innocent bystanders. Maybe we should use sound after all, two directed LRAD devices with beams crossing and sound waves amplifying each other in focal point. Needs pedestrian detection and recognition systems and automatic aiming.

Too bad that current LRAD devices are rather large and bulky and would be really ugly in car like Model S.

DUH GUYS! Tesla Model S, you have two prods protruding from the front to make a Tesla Coil! Come on now! Must I think of everything?

I have it! Let's just put playing cards in the spokes like we did with our bicycles back in the day.

Cardboard ones would wear out too fast. Have to be special carbon fibre cards, I guess.

I think we're overlooking the simple and obvious solution:
We need the air horn that the Mask used in the movie. Blow peds outta the way with just sound.

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