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Specs on the Charging Outlet

I had an electrician come to give a quote for a NEMA 14-50. He asked questions that I could not answer, such as:
- Should it be two- or three-pronged?
- Should it twist to plug in?

There were a couple of other questions that I cannot recall.

Where do I get the required specs for the outlet?

The NEMA 14-50 is 4 pronged. It does not (should not) require any twisting. Just plug in. This page should give them everything they need:

Hi Bennett:

Please refer to:

The document has a photograph as well as a diagram.

It has 4 prongs and no twisting!

A NEMA 6-50 (3 prongs)will support 240V 40A service and was told if you are having the HPWC installed, this is the way to go.

If he is asking those questions after you gave him the NEMA 14-50 requirement, I suggest finding a new electrician :).

@mferrazano - only if you get the 6-50 adapter for the mobile connector. It isn't listed as included and you can't buy them yet, but there have been reports of people getting them if they asked. I didn't want to risk not being able to get one, so I paid the extra $50 or so it cost to run 3-conductor wire rather than 2-conductor wire.

I got the 6-50 plug since I had a HPWC on the due bill. Best to stay in contact with your delivery specialist on this issue.

Thanks for your responses. That's exactly what I need. On the website, when I clicked on the link that would supposedly take me to the information sheet for the installation, it just took me to the home page.

I was told by Solar City yesterday that they are scheduling installations of HPWCs this week.

Bennett R. I'm with You need a different electrician! 14-50 is a NEMA Standard and should be all he needs to know.

@Jat, +1

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