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Static cling sun shades

Has anyone used products like this static cling sun shade from Brica?

I'm interested in using it for the rear pano window. Perhaps it, or a slimmer version would also help the heat problem with the rear facing seats that some owners have reported. I will have to check but I believe the upper section of the rear window is not usable for rear visibility. It would be great for the hot season when heat gain is an issue and easily removable for the rest of the year.

I used these from Britax which are very similar. Three of these cover the rear window (mine is non pano) almost perfectly. They stay on very nicely. They come in pairs. The fourth one can be used for a side window.

They were also available at the local Buy Buy Baby store.

... and, yes, it hampers the rear visibility. I used them during a recent trip and relied on the rear camera to see behind me.

I just got the Tesla rear window sun shade and it works great. It might be considered pricey at $90, but it fits perfectly without any attachment hooks or cups, so it pops in and out with no problems. If you need to store it, it folds up into a nice Tesla storage bag. I was going to tint the windows, but this might be a far more economical solution.

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