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Sun Pass in Florida

I am hearing that regular sun passes - SunPass Mini Sticker and SunPass Slim Portable don't work on Model S. We need to get an external sunpass installed under the nose cone. Is there a specific name for this SunPass (like External Fron Plate SunPass). I am hoping that SunPass folks know about it and that Tesla folks can install when I get the delivery. Any Floridians have experience with SunPass setup in Model S?

You might also want to post in the Florida forum if you have access.


The correct name is a SunPass external mount transponder. You will have to call sunpass and explain you have a tesla model s and it requires an external transponder. They should be able to mail you this unit which mounts behind the nose cone on the model S. If you ask your service center they can install it for you. It is hidden so you will nt see it once it is installed.

Awesome aviationfw. Information which I was looking for.
Thanks omarsultan for the suggestion and yes, now that I have placed the order, I have access to Florida forum. It is a good suggestion to post there as it is likely to get response there. I was not aware about the existence of forums. Also are the regional forums generally active?

@Amit - check with a regular SunPass first. I had to resort to using the externally mounted one, but I have a relatively low VIN (2298) that had a problem with the windshield. People with newer cars have got the sunpass to work fine.

BTW - there isn't a lot of activity in the Florida forum. There is more activity on the Florida forum over at TMC. Larry Chanin, who runs the Florida Tesla Enthusiasts group, checks both regularly.

Thanks nicknhowe. This is interesting. Can someone confirm that regular sunpasses work now?

Just set up a toll by plate account. You don't need a transponder, but get the same rates as the transponder. If you still want the transponder, I read somewhere that the Tampa service center has done it at no charge while you are in for service.


I have the external (aka large) transponder for FL e-Pass/Sun Pass. I just installed it behind the nose cone. Just took a few minutes, thanks to a helpful YouTube video on how to release the nose cone. The biggest headache was that the e-Pass website wouldn't let me order it, so had to visit the service center to get one.

I had never used Sunpass before and noticed there was no sound or anything when driving through tolls but just checked on my account and it appears to be working. I have the transponder that suction cups to the windshield.

I tried the windshield transponder mount but no luck. Went to the Orlando SunPass center informing them I had Model S and they gave me a SunPass external mount transponder. They told me to have Tesla install it since they did not do this. Had Tesla Tampa Service Center install it (Orlando Center was not open at time) under front nose cone area, no charge. Works great. Essential to have if you travel or live in FL as I do. Sounds like other methods can work also.

Does anyone in Dallas have a NTTA Tolltag or TXDOT TXtax? I pick up my Model S on 12/20. I have seen the SunPass and EZPass versions double stick taped to back of front license plate in posts. Haven't seen anything about NTTA. I have one of the original thick plastic transponders on my current car behind rearview mirror, wonder if that can be stuck behind front license plate?

I just got done installing my SunPass externally mounted transponder and figured I would summarize everything for you Florida Tesla owners.

You have to call SunPass to order the transponder. It is not available online. Just tell them you have a Tesla Model S and need an externally mounted transponder. It is around $25 with tax and shipping. You mount the transponder behind your front nose cone.

You can bring your car by a service center and they will install it for free, but it is easy to do yourself.

I originally used a plastic pry tool to remove the nose cone. It takes a fair amount of force and is a little hard on your nerves. I called my service center and they gave me an easier way.

Open your frunk. There is a piece of chrome trim above the nose cone. It is the top piece of chrome and is above the Tesla T. If you place the palms of your hands spread out on either side of the T and press down on the chrome, it will release the clips that hold the nose cone on. Then, you can just pry it off with your fingers. It takes little force. Don't worry, the clips are well built.

I bought outdoor double-stick tape from Home Depot and stuck the transponder to the bumper/metal cross piece. Just to be safe, I used zip ties wrapped around the bumper. Make sure you stick the transponder on with the correct side up. There is a sticker on it to tell you which side is up.

Total installation time was like 10 minutes.

By the way, there are comments on this other places, but you will see that the battery terminals are also hidden behind the nose cone.

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