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Is sunroof wind noise fix available yet?

I'd heard from my service center that a final factory fix was coming for this, rather than the piecemeal minor adjustments that they'd been previously making.

Anyone know if the fix is now generally available? Has anyone had this done yet to resolve the noise at >65mph, and if so, how's the result?


What noise?

I contacted my SC about this a couple weeks ago and they said they were awaiting parts from the factory for a fix. They will be contacting me when they are in to arrange service.

I don't have any noise, but service offered to fix it so I'm in no hurry. That was over a month ago.........

I had several previous attempts to fix the windnoise with no success since getting my MS in March.
The Dania service center contacted me about a month ago and said they were getting the new parts in and they scheduled a service for me. I am happy to report I think the new parts have fixed the problem. It is far better than before and now consistent with the noise level in most of the loaners that I drove. I hope the repair last because it was quite loud at times with the original problem.

If you have a local service center that takes pre-delivery before shipping the car to you on a flatbed, I would contact the service center to ensure all service bulletins are applied to your vehicle. This would include the pan roof fix. My car arrived in late August and had the pan roof bulletin applied.

Warning to others.
I had my car in for an unrelated service, and they fooled around with the roof for some reason. Now my totally quiet roof does not fit right(bulge in the middle), is noisy, and leaks while being washed. It is going back, but I am unsure of the merit of touching something that is working well.

Yes, there is a slight bulge in the middle front portion of the seal, above the metal latch. I looked at every other vehicle in the Phoenix service center at the time - they were prepping five other vehicles, all with pano roofs. All looked the same as mine, with the slight bulge.

My show room car does the same thing. Minor annoyance at this point. Like marrying Scarlett Johanson and discovering she has a slightly annoying habit.
I will wait for a real fix. I love this car.

I had my sunroof fixed last week.....huge difference

My sunroof repair has worked so well I have started to notice the windnoise from the windows!

oh good...our appointment is set for this Thursday, Rocklin. I hope we get a performance as a rental, performance+? hehe

My appointment is Oct 23 in westchester, I am hoping for a fix....

Just got my Model S vin 98xx back from the 7500 mile "check up" on Thursday and one of the many "updates" they did was address the pano roof noise. I hadn't noticed how loud my car was until I was driving the loaner P85. Once I got my car back, it was even quieter than the P85 loaner (hurray for 19" wheels and active suspension!).

Excellent, thanks for the reports! I will contact my service center and inquire about getting scheduled.


I got a loaner a while back and noticed it was MUCH quieter than my car. Couldn't figure out what it was. Thought it might have been that it had active suspension where mine didn't. But now I'm thinking maybe it was the wind noise?

I didn't try it with the loaner, but my car does not understand voice commands once my car hits about 40mph. Is this normal?

Remember that there are two required pano roof fixes and they are unrelated. The creak fix involves shims and clips, while the wind noise fix requires replacing the forward seal with a new material. I had both done and it is now very quiet. However, it did require a return trip for the detailed to remove the grease prints on the headliner left by the tech. TM works at it until they get it right.

I have had my pano wind noise issue fixed comprehensively 3 days ago when the car went in for regular service. They put in a new bracket at the front of the pano roof, and affixed some applique that took 12 hours to dry. Now there is absolutely no pano roof wind noise. I tested a few times.

There is a service bulletin for this, so you can get it fixed too, at the service center.

Not normal.

I have had wind noise on my March delivery from the first day. I have even had the rear of the slide part of the window pop up at high speed and scare the crap out of me. If I open the pano above 40 mph I have to slow down to get it to close back up completely.

Figured I would wait for one year service and hope that a proper fix was available. Glad to read posts that say there is now a good fix to the problem.

Called the service center to have my pano wind noise fixed and they said that the part is not in the Dallas Service Center yet? Any way to get it delivered there quicker? Person on line said they would just call me when part was ready. Noise from roof is quite annoying above 60MPH.

My pano started making noise after the third time I opened it, i'm sure there are other causes creating the noise but for me what had happened was that the tab one the center of the glass went over the rubber seal instead of under it. Yes the bump is supposed to be there, you should not be able to see the tab.

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