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Suntek vs XPEL vs ...? Paint protection film

I'm getting my car wrapped next Thursday (full front end, full hood, full doors, rear fenders, rear bumper).

The company offers both Suntek and XPEL ultimate film, but have recommended Suntek because of the better (in their opinion) healing properties. I know at least one person on the forum has used XPEL. Anyone else got experience of either product (or any others) and can offer an opinion?


please post about your experience with the Xpel installation at Autoshield.I live not too far away and was thinking of wrapping my car also.I will be taking delivery of Model S in the next 3 or 4 days.Thanks.

Went with the .008mm 3m wrap on my black model S FULL protection ran 2,600. looks amazing

My guy said all custom front to back 2 full days and "perfectly done" XPEL FOR $2000.

The car is going in tomorrow to be wrapped. Once they measure up I'll know the full price including the custom work. Will post as soon as I know.

I agree with most of the posts wrap your entire car unless you are going to track it is usually overkill. It's best to protect the areas that are the most likely to get damaged:

Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirrors, Door Edges, Rear Bumper Top and Rocker Panels

We've done 12 of the new Tesla S Models and this is what 90% of them have done...some have done more, some have done less.

As for really becomes the old Ford vs Chevy debate...depends on who your talking to and what film they currently are using or are getting the best price on and also the ability of them to install easier or harder films.

I've been doing clear bra's for 12 years now and have 2 locations (AZ and SoCal) and have done over 25,000 clear bra's and vehicle wraps with 13 installers between the 2 locations. And if there's one thing I've each their own. I was a die hard 3M only installer/owner and we slowly converted everything over to the Xpel Ultimate film (10 year warranty and self healing) not because of price (higher than everything else), not because it was easier to install (actually takes 20% longer to install), but because it looks the best, is super easy for the customer to maintain, has self healing qualities, and if there is an issue Xpel pays us the installer to remove the film and replace - so there is no reason for us to ever argue with a customer if the film is under warranty. I've been using the Xpel patterning software for 12 years and they've done everything I could ever ask for. I've used SunTek, 3M, VentureShield, Llumar, SolarGard, name it, and every manufacturer knocks on my door because of the volume of film we use...and at the end of the day I go right back to Xpel Ultimate.

If you want to check us out online, please peruse the forums, google us, ask around, email me for references and I think you'll find that I don't up-sell people on things they don't need and have very satisfied customers (Tesla Referrals upon request)

At the end of the day, just make sure whoever you use, and whatever film they use that they know what they are doing!! Make sure that they have adequate business insurance, workers comp, liability and so on, you don't want to be stuck holding the bag if they damage your electronics, paint or fall on your garage floor!

Hope I didn't bore you with my reply...

~ Ryan

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My install has started. I went with the SunTek. The guy I'm using has done 15,000 cars and usually does Ferraris, Lambos, etc. etc. (see pic below). He's the biggest film buyer in Florida, and he prefers the SunTek so I went with his advice.


(he also did this gold Lamborghini Aventador for a promotion)

For those who have done full coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area for less then $3k, can you share your installers information please and experaince?

So my total was $2890 (inc tax).

From pattern: full front (bumper, nose cone [above and below the T], lights, air dam), front fenders, full hood, mirrors, impact areas in front of and behind rear wheels. Custom: full doors (front and rear), plus a stip on top of the rear bumper below the tail gate to save from dropped items.

My installer used SunTek PPF C; five year warranty. (He had a Ferrari 458 in there getting the same film)

He says "first impact on him" - if I damage the film he'll replace it for free.

Along with @BYT, I'm interested in knowing who in the SF Bay Area might have had full coverage done for less than $3k that they are happy with. Are you willing to share your information on your installer? Thanks,

Any updates on Bay Area full coverage pricing recommendations beyond Premier? Thanks

I am also interested in pricing for Bay Area. Can Anyone provide installer contact info?

I just did a full wrap on my P85 with SunTek. It came out awesome! If you need a good installer in Charlotte, NC, I highly recommend talking to Gordon at SunStoppers in Matthews, NC. He did an amazing job on my car!! Very reasonably priced too.

Moviemars, I'm in Charlotte and considering getting a wrap as well. Can you tell me how much SunStoppers charged? I see they do Xpel also, why did you go with SunTek? Thanks -

Hey Nick, I'm planning on getting the Suntek installed as well. Have you had any issues with it, and are you still happy with the look? said something about Kevlar? Yeah where can I get that? 250k sounds reasonable compared to the parking sensor retrofit or the increase in MS prices....

ir | 17 GENNAIO 2013

Just got my model S. Can you share more about your experience with getting the car wrapped. What material did they use and do you mind sending the cost break down when you have a chance. Thinking about doing it. Does paint have to cure first? if so how long before getting a wrap. thanks

Material: ClearGuard X
Paint Curing Time: Not necessary
Coverage: Everything not glass or chrome!
Overall Cost: ~ $7,800 (make sure to ask for package & cash discounts)
Time: ~ 1 week

I suggest you call for an updated breakdown, since it's been over a year since my car was done.

Premiere is one highway exit North of Tesla's Fremont Factory and they regularly deal with high-end cars (Lambos, Porches, BMWs, etc...). The plan was to take side streets directly from the factory up. But my plans were dashed when I had fit & finish problems that Tesla needed extra time to fix.

At the time, the Model S was newly released, so if I was going to be a guinea pig, at least it was with an experienced team. After a year of Teslas, they are quite experienced now and quite busy! They meticulously remove badges, disassemble tail light fixtures, etc... so they can properly tuck in the seams. Everything is put back exactly as it was. Their garage is equipped with a lift so they can work at eye-level instead of contorting to work on tough to reach places.

About the only downside is that the office they work from doesn't allow water washing of the car, so they need to use detailing spray to clean the car. Make sure your car isn't covered in mud / dust before you bring it in.

The paint armour has already saved me from numerous incidences:
1) Major rock strike on rear quarter panel that knocked a chip off the armour
2) Parking "encounter" with my garage door that left a gigantic mark on the other rear quarter panel
3) A few serious ones on the hood that didn't penetrate but are too big for self-healing to handle
4) A few parking lot door dings from careless people

In all cases, the paint underneath was fine. Seems like the rear quarter panels take a lot of abuse!

Major damage requires the entire armour panel be peeled off and replaced. In all my cases, it was my ego that determined when to go in for repairs. I'm confident the paint armour integrity was fine.

Premier Protective Films International
(510) 406-1500
42630 Christy St.
Fremont, CA

NOTES: Pay attention to the contract, there was an old "no warranty for crappy Tesla paint quality" clause originally there for early Roadsters that they should amend before you sign.

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