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Supercharger access for 60kWh pack included. Thanks TM!

Might be old news but it is always good to share the joy. I noticed on the option page that Supercharger hardware now shows included in the 60kWh pack. Very good news for all of us futur TMS 230 owners and for the others as well as more traffic to those Supercharger stations should be a motivator to add locations.

It doesn't say if Iwe will have to pay our electricity consumption at Supercharger stations or if we will have to pay for access. Moreover, it would be interesting to see how much time it takes to fill up the tank... is it straight math compared to 85kWh.

Thanks for this good news TM


Yes, I believe that is exactly what they are planning on doing.

The $1K price is/was a one-time "separation" of the two for those who got whipsawed in the "communications error". Henceforth activation is $2K for 60s. Period.

It is cheaper/more efficient, evidently, to install the basic h/w in ALL 60s and 85s than to flip back and forth on the line.

Here is GB's posting, if you want to re-read it:

I'm still reading it to mean: if you buy the option you get hardware, software and activation. If you don't buy it, you get none of those.

I think that's the only reading that marks sense Brian.

Brian, I don't read that post as you do. They decided to put the SC hardware in the 60kwh cars configured before the SC event because otherwise those purchasers would have had no way to order supercharging. That doesn't mean that TM would continue to put the hardware in cars where purchasers had an opportunity to order it but declined to do so.

No, I'm convinced GB means what he says. The h/w is there, activation is now $2K. Whether you think that's "reasonable" is a separate question.

Ask him. In so many words, with no added "context" or explanation, since that seems to end up confuzing so many.
1) Do all 60s include SC hardware?
2) Is 60s' activation of SC hardware $2K?
3) Can activation be done after delivery?

My prediction: yes, yes, no.

first question should be "Will all 60s not finalized include SC hardware?"
my prediction is no.

@Brian "No, I'm convinced GB means what he says. The h/w is there, activation is now $2K. Whether you think that's "reasonable" is a separate question."

He says that's what they did for a short period. Where does he say they are still doing it?

"We changed our website, Design Studio and configuration paperwork to reflect exactly what we were doing…including the hardware necessary in both 60 and 85 kWh cars to allow Supercharging in the future."

The wording is ambiguous about whether all future 60s will have the h/w, everywhere. It is possible that the h/w is added to 60s on an individual basis. However: it makes no difference, any more. There is only a yes/no choice: "Enable" SC, or not. And it must be done up front. There is no "$1,000 h/w + $1,000 s/w" separation stated, implied, or possible.

Yeah, I can see what you mean now, and I agree it is ambiguous.

Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know whether they are still building some special SC hardware into the 60kwh cars whether or not the purchasers are electing that option, and if so, why.

What about partnering with Starbucks for mini Supercharging stations?

"SuperCharge yourself and your car!" Reminds me of my fave coffee saying:
There's no such thing as strong coffee -- just weak people!"

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