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Supercharger, Burlington WA

Northwest Tesla Owners Club(NTOC) group reports that there is a SC station going in at the Fairfield Inn in Burlington, WA. Good central location!

Cool. That's what I expected. There should be stations between Seattle and Canada and between Seattle and Portland.

This will be right off the Cook Road exit from I-5. Great location!

A full charge should be enough for a round trip on the shortest and most scenic route to the Mount Baker ski area. (East on the Cook Road to Sedro Woolley, then N on Highway 9 to the Mount Baker highway.) ~150 miles round trip with lots of regen coming back down!

Plenty of charge for overnight trips to explore Orcas, San Juan and/or Lopez Islands.

A scenic day trip up I-5, charge, then back via Anacortes, Deception Pass, Whidbey Island then the ferry to Mukilteo.

And a straight shot on Cook Road to Highway 20, all the way to Winthrop over two mountain passes(~130 miles one-way). Get a full overnight charging there, then top off when to get back to I-5.

Two spots for burgers in the same parking lot while you charge.

Any guess when the SC might be open?

Great place to charge before heading to the San Juan Islands!

Where is a charger in Winthrop?

I not found one in Winthrop yet, as do weekend trips there with gas car for now. Highway 20 needs a super charging station too..

Winthrop (and Mazama, Twisp, Pateros, Omak and Tonasket) will all be getting Clipper Creek CS-90's in the not too distant future with the efforts of the North Central Washington haL2 charging project...

I highly doubt you'll ever see a supercharger there, or anywhere along Hwy 20. At least not in the foreseeable future.


Winthrop is the mass get away for many people like myself from Boeing, I do laugh as more than one trip like 15 local people I know was there too, I make min of 5 trips a year myself, July to bring back the fresh fruit and cherrys. Yes as the superchargers go in USA more road trip to come, as see a Grand Canyon trip in future. I will be very happy to see a charging station of some type there in Winthrop.

The "trick' is to convince the vendors on these out-of-the-way routes that they can get customers to spend more time at their establishments by making a "small" investment in charging equipment. For about $2000 (for a CS-90) or $200 (for a NEMA 14-50) potential customers who can afford to by a $100k car might spend an extra hour eating, selecting fruit, or staying at their motel. How much advertising can they buy for that amount of money? Actually, once their charge point is listed on recargo the advertising is free.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some chargers at Sun Mountain Lodge at some point. Also, I know a few people who own cabins in the area over there. If I spent that much time there I would be lobbying the local businesses to install chargers. Especially the places that I stay.

There is also a KOA that I've heard has 50 amp RV connections.

I like to add that I drive by the new SC in Burlington WA being built daily, the crew done all the underground wiring and should start the overhead now. I did put one photo on Tesla site. I think it will be done on time by the looks or very shortly after. I think this a prime location.

For those looking for charging in Winthrop talk to Anna at Pine Near RV park. RV 50 Amp. I plan on charging there in September. She seemed interested in the EV movement. Small fee plus cost of power. They are on the web.

A progress report please.

He updates the thread over at more routinely. Check there...


Thanks goneskiian

You're welcome Pricee2!

New photos from after the BC2BC Rally yesterday--it's REALLY close!

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