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SuperCharger Centralia Update

As of Monday morning nothing has been started.
There are a few more locating marks on the ground
but thats it!

Hard to believe Centralia will be on line by month's end.

For now there is the level 2 at Wendy's and a level 2 in Castle Rock
( 240/30A) and there is an automated SPEED TRAP at the school on the
south side of town.

They won't start on it until the one in Burlington is finished. Don't count on it by the end of June. More likely the end of July.

There's also a Roadster charger at the Burgerville in Centralia if you've got an adapter or are part of the adapter sharing program put together by v12 to 12v at


I thought they said end of July anyway?

Goneskiian - Thanks, has anyone got intel on the contractor? They may be doing the Woodburn Oregon install as well.

I have a single charger so Burgerville won't do for me but the
Wendy's will work in a pinch.

bbryant - The word is that it is the same contractor for all three, ADK Electricians I believe.

There are threads over at on Burlington and Centralia...!

Epley - Yes, you're right. With the 4th Holiday coming up that sounds about right. Although, folks that have talked to the crew in Burlington have said they're ahead of schedule and that the Burlington one should be functional before the 4th. Maybe they've learned something on this first install and can bang the Centralia and Woodburn ones out quicker. Here's to hoping!


Would be sweet if the Centralia one was ready for the BC2BC rally on the 29th!

Centralia was finalized by L & I today. Will most likely be announced at tomorrows Burlington ribbon cutting.

XrstalLens plugged in Wednesday (7/17) at Centralia and was there long enough to get a full charge.

Both are now on the supercharger list, although neither shows up on the map yet. That was a nice surprise that they both became official at the same time.

We're on the map now! Woohoo!


I'm still waiting for them to show on the list on my car's Places.

Others have probably already discovered this, but Burlington and Centralia do show up on Places now. I just wished they would show driving distance rather than "crow fly distance" though. If you didn't know any better you would think you could make it to Burlington on a normal 85 kW-h charge.

Touch the supercharger icon on the map, select navigate, and it will tell you the road distance from where you are.

Thanks DTsea. I'll try that tomorrow.

Crows do not usually fly in straight lines....

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