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Supercharger Coming Soon Map Updated (3/3/14)

Just FYI

Now includes 4 locations in Canada

2 in MA (Woods Hole and other location)
3 more in GA
2 more in FL
Another in NY
New Jersey

You are not the first to mention specific locations being added to the "coming soon" page, so I want to know, how do you and the others know exactly which town it is the dot is for. How did you nail down Woods Hole?

Is there a page that I am missing that actually lists the "coming soon" locations. I only see the "currently open" list.

Does anyone have a sense, from past "coming soons", how far in advance the coming soon map projects? Three month range? Six month range? Hoping to get some of these locations on line for summer driving trips!

There is no way it's going in Woods Hole. Maybe a business in Woods Hole would put in public chargers but Tesla wouldn't put a Supercharger so far out of the way that no one would use it.

I went back and looked at the map again, Woods Hole is actually south of the red dot. That's a pretty big dot, so if it were in Woods Hole, I'm sure the red dot would be covering Woods Hole.


I have outside knowledge that the woods hole area was one that Tesla was targeting. The red dot seems fairly close to woods hole so I made an educated guess.

I think they mean that Tesla is trying hard to get these areas "online" as soon as possible.

Woods Hole is where the parking is for ferry passengers to the islands.

The location between Montréal and Québec City appears to have moved west(compared to the previous Supercharger maps) which is not a good idea at all if Tesla wants to get eastern Québec business given the high interest for electric vehicles in our part of the world.

I, like most of us in Québec, was hoping for Le Madrid as the location of choice. Let's hope the actual location will be at Le Madrid on Chemin Rouge. Otherwise there will need to be a future Supercharger in St-Jean-Port-Joli or La Pocatière.

What needs to be taken into consideration is that the St-Lawrence river acts as a huge wind funnel that cuts very much the S's autonomy on most days.

Thanks in advance to Tesla for taking these realities into consideration. Also thank you to the Tesla Team for the exellent engineering that you in this fabulous machine.

Have a great day!

Falmouth is more likely than Woods Hole

re: Woods Hole... If they're thinking about Ferry passengers then the Hyannis docks are a far better and more centrally located option for both folks going to the islands and those that just want to use it. I grew up on Cape Cod and have been to Woods Hole maybe twice because it's so far out of the way. Not a good choice in my opinion.


'Falmouth is more likely than Woods Hole'

I dunno.... looks like Sandwich to me.

Excuse me, I'm suddenly hungry.


The distance between Drummondville (where the SC cseems to be positionned) and the Madrid 2.0 is only 20-25 km. How would that mandate another SC in SJPJ? Not that it would not be nice but IMO, Drummond does the job.

Use the word "range" instead of "autonomy" here. That's kind of a Euro-English translation of the French, and is never used by native speakers, except in other contexts to mean "freedom from control".

wcalvin, bighorn, hsadler

What I mean to point out is that this would serve as a play for cape and island day trippers as well as people who don't have chargers in their homes.

In the Vineyard for example, one could charge at Cronigs (although painfully slowly) as well as the wall outlet and wind up having enough range for your time on island. Then you can get back on the Cape and supercharge and head home.

In my opinion, for people whose destination is the Cape and Islands the supercharger is well placed. Its placed close enough to the ferries that it will allow someone to charger there fully, spend however much time they want on the Islands (as long as they plug into the wall at night) and be able to make it back to the Superchager without having to worry about finding a faster charger.


I think it's the folks who want to drive out the cape who really need the charger. Islanders aren't going to be putting a lot of mileage on their vehicles and they likely have access to 120V outlets at their accommodations. I lived in Falmouth and worked in Woods Hole, so my thought was that Falmouth was better positioned to serve both purposes than wending one's way down to Woods Hole amongst the ferry riders and then backtracking to get out to Nauset or Ptown or wherever.

I'm sticking with Wareham, Bourne or Sandwich!

I think Tesla would be an awesome car for the islands. Gas is so expensive there and those who live there could save the $10k and get a 60 and never have any range issues.

Almost all of the chargers on the last "coming soon" map were delivered in 3 months. My guess is this "coming soon" map is planned to be completed in about the same 3 months.

And if history holds, the next 3 months will see a couple that are not on the map, and couple on the map will get delayed.

Bighorn, I think we are in agreement.

I want to see an SC in Syracuse next.


I think so, about the cape.

I'd like to see Albany next, then Syracuse. Makes sense from a NYC perspective, as well as Boston, and even East Greenwich, RI.

Bighorn you're in Wyoming or Montana? You should come east some time, would love to meet you.

Wyoming, but born and raised in Albany and I have a daughter at Brown, so I get back regularly. In fact I was in Providence two days ago for an orchestra concert. I'll be driving there in May after finals.

Where are you? Always happy to meet other Tesla zealots!

Woods Hole is in Falmouth. Just sayin'

Somewhere between the bridges would be nice too. Or the Exit 6 Park & Ride in Barnstable.

Actually, it's nice that the Cape is even being considered.

It makes way more sense to have the Cape Cod SC located along Rte 6, likely in the Sandwich area. There's far more traffic on Rte. 6 to the Cape than to the islands, Sandwich is roughly midway between Greenwich and Provincetown, and an SC at the ferry dock would get ICEd (or EVd) all the time. If I had to bet, I'd say Rte. 130 just south of Rte. 6.

That said, I have a wild idea: install SCs on long-haul ferries! It would be easy to position EVs to a given location in the ferry (just dedicate a waiting lane to them). Equip the SC with an extra-long cable to be able to reach several EVs in succession. Assign a crew member to oversee the charging (most long-haul ferries shoo civilians off the car deck). Your car is topped off while crossing the water!

This would work on the Cape, the Great Lakes and especially in the Pacific Northwest, where there are a lot of 1+ hour crossings. I expect that the ferry companies would be more willing to play if they could charge extra for the service -- and I think that most EV owners would be willing to pay for it.

They would sink with the weight of the battery system needed to provide enough power.

Very psyched they added Atlanta and Macon GA to the "Coming Soon" supercharger map. Now I can go from Franklin TN to HHI SC in my model S! Sweeeeeet

Yes we got Primm, NV back!

I would definitely say Primm, NV (stateline) is mandatory. So is a much needed upgrade (120kw, more stalls) in Barstow.
Bad bottleneck on one of the most traveled corridors in the US.

And absolutely NO UPDATES for Europe once again.

Come on Tesla, this is absolutely ludicrous. One month ago, when Elon graced us with his mercurial presence, we were promised quote a lot. He even stated that the Europe SC map needed to updated.

And still, zippo.

It's incredibly frustrating.

Just saw the Tesla announcement for Syosset. "First superchargers on Long Island".

I guess that is west-coast geography.

hsadler - solar. Not much shade out on the water :-)

If in fact a SC is going in Woods Hole, that would be a mistake. Actaully placing SCs at tourist destinations is a mistake. Take Woods Hole which is a stopping point to hop on the ferries. Do you get to leave your car hooked up all day while out on the islands.... What about other MS owners that need to charge up. You are certainly aren't going to pay for another ferry crossing when the car is done charging.

I think they will/should be it on the West side of the canal at either the Bourne or the Sagamore bridge.

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