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Supercharger Courtesy would be nice.

We finished our fourth roundtrip from LA to SF yesterday and waited 1.5 hours to get our needed 20 minutes of charge at Harris Ranch. The parked Model S had been on charge for over an hour when we arrived according the couple ahead of us in the lineup of three cars. I know this will not happen again after the six chargers across the street are hooked into the grid in two weeks, but perhaps it will. We plugged into the last remaining charger in Gilroy on Sunday and there were four of us charging at Tejon yesterday with another arrival as we left. If Tesla builds 4800 cars a quarter and a large number of those are staying in California, on busy weekends we may see some waiting lines. I have been leaving a sign on our windshield when leaving the S on charge and going for a meal that reads: "If you are waiting to charge call my cell #########."

Love my car, have had 7000 miles of troublefree driving and enjoy visiting with other Model S lovers at the Superchargers. Perhaps we could all try to help each other out in this way. A little courtesy among the pioneers of cross country BEV driving would be great.

Point taken and valid!!
I'm still waiting for Model S but "looking forward" to hearing that "a supercharger" is anywhere in the area :-) or anywhere along any of the highways nearby that I might want to travel. Allot of folks would just like to see a Supercharger!
So maybe problem falls in category of ..., wish I had that problem? Location and density at location all an issue.

We can agree to disagree as to when there will be 1M S on the road in California, or in the world for that matter. But I understand and agree with your central point, that SC capacity will need to increase as cars on the road increase. Hopefully for all of us Tesla sells (or leases) lots of cars and keeps adding SCs at new and existing locations.

Just common courtesy would be great. Just got back from Vegas. Had to use the Barstow station. It was great. No waiting for the charger. It was available both time I used it to/from Vegas. I stuck around the car just to be close by just in case other Tesla owner need to use it also. One other Tesla pull up after me but there was another charger that was available. I was done in about 45 mins. Tesla should install 4 more chargers there. There was only two available and no major sign to show where it was. Do definitely a better signage.

By the way Crystal at the Las Vegas city center was a great place to charge your tesla also. Located at Crystal Valet. Only one charger available and it only charge about 16 miles per hour

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