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Supercharger event September 24


Looking forward to concrete information...


Yes, I think you are way off base.

Cross-country? The routes are coastal.

Solar? A week of cloudiness, regardless of batteries, defeats them. So does winter. They will be grid-fed.

Cities? The last places to get Superchargers. It's getting there which is the issue.

kalikgod -- People could still argue that some of the electrons going into the battery pack are not completely renewable...

If the nay-sayers don't have that argument, they'll find something else (battery recycling, nickel in the chrome, shipping in parts from Europe or Japan, the list is almost endless).

Does anyone know if they are going to charge anything to use them?


Until the 24th reveal event, it's all speculation.

It would make sense to have superchargers at the outskirts of cities so that arriving drivers nearing max range can do a 15-30 minute top up.

I'd agree that there is less incentive for superchargers around the city.

On another note, I have spoken to a few hire car (limo) drivers here in Australia about how far they drive each day. The number seems to vary between 400 and 600km, and their major cost concern is fuel.

Most -if not all - take a break during the middle of the day as the majority of fares are to and from the Airport, or after hours. Most customers (inc me) use regular taxis during the day.

If the supercharging wasn't as much of a problem for battery life then the model S could be interesting for them. Then the only issue would be rear headroom & seating/luxury.

I'm surprised that no one has seen "construction" of any superchargers at this point. It seems like they will all of a sudden appear! Doesn't it seem like they must have been started to be placed along various corridors? Are they hidden in plain sight? To me, it is curious that not one person has commented on seeing them yet. Maybe they will suddenly land out of the sky like spaceships?! Maybe Elon will use his rocket technology to fly them where they are needed by us!

Permitting and infrastructure come first, and that's all pretty much outta sight. As in, invisible.

These could be the perfect test beds for vehicle to grid technology. Solar fed with a grid back up, any power not solar supplied during prolonged overcast weather woulld be trickle fed from the grid or more rapidly replenished at times of lowest demand. At times of highest demand and when solar production is surplus to requirements the supercharger could sell power back into the grid at a premium. This way the superchargers could be self funding and remain free for end users.

@Brian H

You don't think they will be operating the day of the announcement? Last comment I saw from Elon was they were waiting on construction to be completed to have the event.

I would be very surprised if he couldn't plug in a car and show that it works on September 24th.

I predict that the announcement will include a list of intercity agreements with businesses that will host a supercharger station, (i.e. Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel). The ability to drive into a city and go straight for a charger while you stop to shop or eat makes sense. The highway stops will of course be there also....but city stops will be more popular. Some people are not keen on stopping at a remote, desolate rest area at night.

Maybe something like this?? This looks a little like a spaceship....

@STxTesla - where in TX are you? I'm in H-town, and hoping one of those superchargers will find it's way to Centerville or Buffalo (about 1/2 way b/t Houston & Dallas).

It seems to me it's the areas between major cities that need the superchargers - the places that are not the final destination for most travelers. Once you're in any reasonable size city there are already plenty of charging options. Personally, I don't intend to supercharge any more than I have to since I'm pretty sure it's not good for the battery in the long run.

And I think once the Tesla paradigm of "reasonable range" electric vehicles catches on (and it will), it would make sense that hotels will be the main places in mid to large size cities for chargers to be located (standard chargers, not supers).

You leave your origin with a full charge, supercharge on the way, then "refill" overnight at your hotel. Boom.


I am in Houston also. I will be looking forward to seeing a Supercharger between Houston/Dallas, Houston/Austin (Brenham?) and Houston/San Antonio. That would make a 60 kWh pack a perfect fit for Texas.

Unfortunately I am guessing the 24th event will have West Coast only locations. Like the stores, they know where the first concentration of cars will be. I would expect the Supercharger rollout to closely follow the store rollout.

One of the reps mentioned Elon is driving between Silicon Valley and LA (Tesla and SpaceX) twice a week. I take that with a grain of salt as that's about 20 hours in the car, and he's a busy lad. So take it for what it's worth, but they said he is already supercharging somewhere along the way. I'm guessing they have a private test bed somewhere along the way.

And again it's just rumor, but that would imply that he's also stress testing the pack's ability to repeatedly supercharge.

Reports are the first supercharger is to be at Harris Ranch, roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

STxTesla-- I predict that the announcement will include a list of intercity agreements with businesses that will host a supercharger station, (i.e. Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel).

Does anyone still shop at those places? In the past ten years I've been to Walgreens twice, Wal-mart once, and Cracker Barrel once.

mrspaghet -- It seems to me it's the areas between major cities that need the superchargers

That's pretty much the common wisdom. Only in very unusual circumstances would you charge your Tesla anywhere other than your home unless you were on a trip. Then you need superchargers placed about three hours apart. At the destination you charge at the place you're staying.

Well I hadn't really expected aany to be operating this calendar year, or maybe there will just be a couple between LA and SF. There aren't going to be that many Model S drivers until next year. Even assuming they do deliver 5000 or more this year, most of those deliveries are going to be towards the tail end of the year.

If superchargers are available at or shortly after the announcement, that'd be great, but honestly, I don't think there would be that much use of them until next summer. I think it would be fine if the rollout was slow.

I intend to do some serious long range driving, including 2 cross country trips, left-right and right-left. Just because usage will start out light doesn't discount the value to the few who can take advantage of them. A few more XC in an electric car blogs will go a long way to promote EVs and ease range anxiety.

Maybe something like this?? This looks a little like a spaceship....


Well, not sure about the space ship analogy, but that is pretty close to what I expect. The interesting part will be how they bridge the gap between the trickle-charge characteristics of a photovoltaic array (or wind turbine, for that matter) and the burst-charge characteristics of the superchargers.

That photo implies all you need to charge up a bunch of cars is the sun and a few panels. With the hardware shown (imagine the charging unit has no grid connect or energy storage) in perfect weather each of the six cars would be getting a mile's worth of charge in about 10 minutes.

I hope the drivers don't live too far away from work.


Walgreens is pushing heavy to put chargers at their locations (eVgo and 350 Green) to try to get people back in their stores. This works well with the LEAF and its range, but is not really needed for a Tesla except on rare occasions.

@VB and EdG

I will almost guarantee the Supercharger will have energy storage. It will be very difficult to find ~150 amp 480v service that is not fully utilized in relatively remote highway locations. Substations aren't a great place to stop and hang out for 20- 40 minutes ;)

Supercharge from solar? Hope they have a few acres of panels and LOTS of storage.

No chance.

Cross-country is unlikely for some time. Coastal routes first. E-W has too many options.

I just received an email invitation to the Supercharger event in LA on 9/24 at 7:30pm. Looking forward to hearing the Tesla charging news firsthand!


What res # are you??? I am SSL #99 (VIN74) picking up car Wednesday in Costa Mesa. I got no e-vite.


Anyone else get an e-vite?

I'm P9006 and got the evite mid day PST toady.

Signed up for the event! Looks like a solar panel charging station.


I'm not sure the Walgreens chargers are useful for LEAF drivers either. I hooked mine up, but only to make sure it worked and was free. Charging 20A@240V just takes too long, so you only get a few miles during any reasonable stay at the store. Granted, it is nice to know it is there in case you get in a pinch, but I think for intra-city EVs like the LEAF you only really need L2 chargers at home and at work.

It's fun to speculate. How about this one?

- Desert located CPV solar farm power source
- Tesla coil earth-resonance transmission to super charger locations
- Starbucks, Panera, CMG, Hudson News, Wifi & Massage at each location
- Free charging for all EVs

"Walgreens is pushing heavy to put chargers at their locations to try to get people back in their stores."

Uh, what?
If I have any Walgreen's stock, I'm selling it...

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