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Supercharger event September 24


Looking forward to concrete information...


Certainly, Solar City could be the entity that swaps leased batteries. They are already expert at leasing solar installations to homeowners. I am signed up for a 60 Kw Tesla. I hope in 10 years I can add a temporary charged leased third battery pack picked up at one of these supercharger stations for long trips, and give it back as I enter my destination city. Battery swapping could eventually be done completely robotically. But really, for the next 10 years, for long road trips, I will just drive my other gas car.

OT, but speaking of Elon's Other Ventures, SpaceX will launch the first full-load ISS resupply Dragon on October 7, 8:34 EDT. First of twelve.

Just in case you missed the link, The Supercharger Premiere Event will be live-streamed today @8:00 PM PST (which is 5:00 AM in CEST, I guess I'm gonna miss that).

Pretty excited about the announcement tonight. Gonna have some popcorn ready and be watching it on my living room TV :)

I think they messed up on the time. PST is Pacific Standard Time, but California is Currently on PDT or Pacific Daylight Time. I suppose we will be OK so long as we follow clock time ;>]

Forget battery swapping. In ten years we should have Wifi Electicity. Electic energy delivered the same way mobile data is delivered. Wireless, the only reason for batteries would be for when reception isn't possible; tunnels, underground garage, etc. A complete restructuring of the power grid.

Seems like pretty late at night to announce something this important. Under the cover of darkness while the East Coast is sleeping.

Must not be planning Super Chargers for the East.


Good point (PST vs PDT). That's a big mistake for such a techy company. I sure hope SpaceX doesn't make mistakes like that on their launch times.

DanD, you be quiet! (Says the guy in New York ;)

@rtesta: the inverse square law says that isn't going to happen. You might get wireless power distribution from running cables in the roads, but even then you are taking a significant efficiency loss.

Will the URL be the entry point for the streaming of tonights event?

They're making the announcement at an LA party, just like the X reveal. Pretty sure they'll be selling those on the east coast.

William9: That's what I was just told. Also it is at 8:00 PDT. I notice the home page of Tesla just says 8:00 PM Pacific with no reference to standard or daylight.

7:05 PDT and counting ...

What are the odds they have adequate serverfarms this time? 10%?

It's 8:03 PDT. Anybody getting the stream?

Whattimeizit? Off-air....

On Air just now...

Stream is on with the funky music again!!!

I'm getting music now...

Yeah, just music for now

I've got nothing. Is there a link to this other than this?

It's working for me...Elon just pulled up and plugged his car in.

I can see it, but I can't hear anything!

These lights and stuff look rediculous lol

oh I refreshed and now I have audio.

I missed the audio for the first 13 minutes. Did I miss any important facts?

6 are already installed in California, lots more to come in the next 2 years.

"Working closely with Solar City..." LOLz, no surprise there!

OOooh, Tesla owners can use them for free, for life!

Solar-supported charging stations that produce more power in a year than the cars need so will be net producers.

Supercharger network long term (5 yr) plan:

Red dots will be there within 2 years.

Free charging for Model S with Super Chargers. Will be able to travel "for ever, for free, on sunlight"

Solar powered and free for Tesla owners. WOW!

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