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Supercharger event September 24


Looking forward to concrete information...


Yes!!!! I thought this was coming given then that the units shown in the video didn't seem to have a payment console, but SuperChargers are free for everyone (assuming you have the hardware). That is awesome and definitely better than people assumed.

And for those of you who might whine about thinkng that it should only be available freely to Sig cars, who cares. What they're doing is more important than that.

Four stations already installed in California. All of West Coast covered in early 2012. All of US covered in two years (red dots above). All grey dots within 5 years.

Because I had no audio and video for a while, I missed the significance of the big spire thing. Is it going to be at every location? Is it the solar capture unit? Or just like a sign to identify the location of the station?

I missed the start too. Come on folks - who can give us the details on the solar part of the announcement?

So! California sunshine will subsidize the rest of the network! ;)

The solar panels will generate for the grid more kWh than the cars can draw -- overall. So power is free, subsidized by the "excess".

Hum, good for you guys. Elon alluded to Supercharger not hitting Canada until 5-6 years... Makes it easy for me to decide on the 60kWh Supercharger option.

Cool design!

I missed the start, too...but I think the beacon is just a sign to bring the brand to everyone's attention. Free superchargers nationwide in time, and worldwide as well. All powered by solar energy.

The bit Tesla thing is not the solar part but Elon seemed to hint that it is somehow connected to the solar part and the electric would pass through it to the charging stations under the roof. The huge roof part is where the solar is installed. I don't think he elaborated on what the huge Tesla thing was.

Travel for free, forever, on sunlight.

Gotta love this quote.

As far as I can tell, the spaceship is just a sign to identify the location of the charging stations. Elon mentioned at one point that the solar panels are on top of the canopies (that seem to shade the cars as they are charging). In the video, it looked like the stations that they have already put in do not have the spaceships or canopies yet, just the charging stations.

Hey guys, I saw the whole thing. First let me say I have no means to buy a Tesla, but do have some stock through my rolled over 401k haha.

I been reading all of your posts for the last 2 months (Which I suppose is pretty late). I've been to the Tesla shop in Newport Beach, and bought a shirt and a keychain lol. I'm a huge football fan, and strangely enough I felt compelled to wear my Tesla shirt, almost as if I was watching my team play and was rooting them on, as is my Sunday ritual. LOL!

Ok so the part you wanted to know...

It started late around 8:07pm PST it finally started playing music with the Tesla logo.

First the designer came out for about 1 min 30 seconds (I was out of my room for a minute) and I don't think he said too much.

He introduced Mr. Musk and he came out and talked about how he's really excited and etc. He was pretty nervous I think.

He was wearing a "supercharged" T Shirt, and alluded to "free" solar energy.

I don't believe the cars will be directly charged by the solar panels, only that the solar panels, over the course of the year, will generate as much or more electricity than is used by the cars.

Lots of places won't have the sunshine year-round to generate enough power, but as a whole, "summed" the year-round, the system will pay (with "feed-in tariffs") for all the power drawn from the grid and generate revenue for Solar City besides. That's a strong incentive for Solar City to keep the panels clean and functioning at peak.

Elon said that for a nominal charge, the 60 kwhr cars could use the superchargers too. I thought supercharging would be available to those cars at no extra cost.

"Travel for free, forever, on sunlight"
But I thought it was bad for your battery to use these things for more than around 2% of charges. Seems a bit disingenuous. This announcement left me with more questions than answers. I thrilled with the Folsom and Gilroy locations though.

I think the panels are the dark areas on the spaceships.

+1 can you use the charger more than 2%

Has anyone been able to find the exact location, other than the city, of the current CA superchargers.

Really great.

Very very disappointing nothing for the 40kwh car.

The $10K increment for the 60kWh battery is money well spent.

20kWh in battery + supercharger hardware + lifetime supercharging

The next $10K for the 85kWh bring you 25kWh in battery: turns out the supercharger + free lifetime charging equals to 5kWh of battery in price, $2k. Not bad.

There is a new Tesla web page showing the whole set up.
Looks cool!


I think the nominal charge he was talking about was to enable the 60kwh cars to use the superchargers -- i.e., whatever hardware and software upgrades are needed.

There is now a Supercharging tab under Go Electric that has more information, or confirms what we have been talking about.

I'm still in disbelief. Is it really possible generate all the energy the cars will use, plus pay for the materials and labor for putting these in place with excess solar energy sold back to the grid? As much as I want to believe it, it just seems too good to be true.

Maybe tax credits/rebates make it financially feasible for Tesla?

What % of the time do you travel long enough distances to need Supercharging? If it's more than 2%, then just accept the fact that you will be somewhat reducing its lifespan. And replace it with the savings when it has degraded enough to require that. By that time, batteries may be immune to "DC degradation"; some new designs minimize the heating and other issues.

When talking to a Tesla rep a couple of weeks ago he said that you can use the supercharger as often as you like with no damage to the battery. Can anyone verify this?

(Cont.) There was a very tall column of curtains obviously concealing something...well very tall and thin haha.

So Mr. Musk says, let's show you the supercharger(or something to that effect, as I was watching football as I previously mentioned)! The curtains didn't fall lol. After about 20 seconds after he said "....eventually", it went to a video and some more electronic music.

The video was just a bunch of flashes, which I'm sure someone had an epileptic fit watching it.

Once the video was over (which was very long considering the level anticipation, and several seizures), they cut back to the live feed.

There was smoke on the stage enveloping the entire height of the "mystery" object, which we all know was a supercharger.

Finally once the smoke dissipated, there was about a ~30 foot tall model of the charger.

Then Musk goes on to talk about the solar energy, and outlined the map of the superchargers. Map showed the ability to travel from the southernmost tip of California to the very north of it. Those are live and ready to go NOW. (there was video of people using it today, he specifically stated).

He stated that within four years, (lol he called it "Tesla long term") there would be superchargers across the country, and if you pack food, and stay at friend's houses, you can travel across country for free. Pretty amazing. I missed some things, I wish I recorded it. There was more, but this was the beginning that someone had requested.

He did refer that he would hope that day would go down in history as a day worth remembering, much like the SpaceX cargo delivery.

Here's my critique, as well as my apology for being honest as to what happened...

I am a HUGE Tesla fan. Every day on my lunch break, I watch to see a Tesla going by. In the wild. Again I work in Newport Beach by Kimera, for you locals.

Mr. Musk, please for God's sake....Hire a marketing specialist next time, lol. Trust me, I can see your vision, but the event could have been longer, you could have shown more.

Yes the proof is in the pudding. I've sat inside of one at the Newport Fashion Island store. I bought a T shirt!!! A little bit of showmanship would have done WONDERS to show the world that this is real. You gave us a glimpse. But I think we deserved a spectacle.

That's all I'll say. Feel free to write if you have any other questions.

PS, please don't hate me brian, volker, volker, and everyone else lol.

I missed the bit about the "nominal charge"... On the "Options and Pricing" page, the 60kWh version lists supercharger hardware as standard.

Error: by DC degradation above I was trying to refer to hi-voltage DC charging. All AC charging is really DC, of course, after it passes through the chargers.

From the map posted above in this thread, it appears that they will be focusing on I-80 and I-40 for East-West travel, and I-5 and I-95 for North-South travel, at least in the two-year build out. Does that sound right?

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