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Supercharger event September 24


Looking forward to concrete information...


I think these are great but wouldn't it make more sense to put them between major metro areas instead of in them? I live in St Louis and noticed their map has dots in St Louis and Chicago but none on the route in between. The dot in eastern IL (Champaign?) isn't anywhere near the major interstate (I-55) between the two.

Love this, WTG Tesla! Can't wait to drive cross country in my S. I had thought I would have to use or rent a ICE for the rare road trips I make. Now there is nothing I can't do in this car, assuming it shows up soon. :) Nov/Dec can't arrive soon enough.

I think the issue is charging to the full value and not just the supercharger mode. I think you can specify the amount of charge
and even charge rate with the supercharger but I would certainly like
some clarification. One would hope you could tailor a charge at
these locations as to not penalize overall battery health.
Wish there had been some more detail presented.

I believe the onboard hardware to enable supercharging for the 60KWh is 'free', part of the battery package. The nominal charge mentioned would apply to actual usage at the supercharging station. As for the 40KWh, the electric system is not designed to take the supercharging rate. That is part of the cost reduction enabling the lower price. This is discussed in another thread somewheere.

Hit this link again and you can see the whole setup:

Wow, what a great announcement. This puts every Model S owner into the executive lounge class (where you not only get peanuts for free, but the power).
Range Anxiety - gone! Cross-Country: Possible in the same time as ICE cars... Great incentive to those who still wonder if this is good.

And of course you can produce the power with sunlight. No problem - the price for solar panels drops between 3 and 5% A MONTH - that is around 40% a year. So if there will be more cars, just add panels! Elon - this is just awesome!

And one more thing: Why is everybody so worried about the DC-Fast-Charge and the degrading of the battery? Have you looked into modern notebooks lately? Many of them now have "rapid Charge", 80% in 30 Minutes or so - EVERY time they charge, and still promise some 2000 cycles or more. And they don't have such an advanced cooling systems like the Model S. So I don't worry at all.

Some have mentioned that you can see the recording now, but I can't find it. has all the facts now, but I don't see the video, nor do I see it on the front page or blog.

That said however, the image and text on the page makes a few things clear:

The "spire" (let's please call it that :)) is just a sign.

The solar panels are on the roof of the station.

At least some stations will have multiple charge ports.

Not all stations will be solar powered (but if you consider that the other stations overproduce and feed back to the grid, then the net is that the cars can all be solar powered and excess still goes to the power station); text says there are solar panels "at many locations".

There is no mention that you must limit the use of these stations to protect the battery. My guess is that either this will be in some fine print somewhere, or else, the limit of only ever charging half the capacity keeps the battery life intact. Does someone with more knowledge on the subject think that is plausible?

I guess we now know where our maintenance plan dollars will be going. Perhaps a recognition plaque: This solar drive-in subsidized by Tesla Owner # X?

"Nominal charge" at time of charging? Will the supercharger identify a 60kWh car and refuse to charge until paid? Doesn't sound right. Will have to wait for the recording to dissect that part...

LarsT has a point, the cooling system may make supercharging mostly safe for the Model S


That map gives only the early stage California build-out. I wish they would provide a readable version of the map that is posted above in this thread showing the national build-out over two and five years.

There are 6 now installed "in secret". There will be 13 in CA by the end of the year. Within 2 yrs the country will be covered. Within 4-6 yrs. the northern plains and southern Canada, encompassing most of the population, will be covered, as will much of the world.

The Superchargers are not expensive to install, and Solar City has the incentive mentioned above to emplace as many as possible.

The video will be available from the same site (in a day or so?) to review or download.

Will Leafs, Volts, RAV4s, and other EVs be able to use these superchargers? For a fee?

Although free charging for life is for long-distance travel, that ain't so bad. It is pretty good, as a matter of fact. Which ICE car manufacturer pays for your gas when you goon vacation?

Man, I am bummed. I missed the event.

Did they answer our debate on the size of the grid connection? Are they are pulling 90 kW per car from the grid for charing the cars?

From the comments it doesn't sound like it. If anyone gets into a store soon, ask to see if the Superchargers are just pure grid connections or if they have energy storage.

Please and thanks.

Is it true that only 85kWh and some 60kWh (Optional) packs will be able to use the SuperChargers??

That would be shame since 40kWh folks are the ones that really need to get help going from one city to next.

Judging from the photos I saw of one of the charging stations, it looked it had around 80+ panels. I have no idea of their output but my system on my roof has 22 panels that produce 7500 kwh a year. That translates into over 26000 miles. Needless to say, that's a lot more than Ill ever need for my S (soon to be delivered). So 100+ stations across the country will produce plenty for the number of Tesla on the road. Remember, Tesla is only producing 20000 to 30000 a year until Gen III.

Besides, I for one will probably only make one trip of any great length in my lifetime just to prove it can be done. I'd rather fly coast to coast.

Just wondering when they are going to list the actual address ofmthe current supercharger stations. Or will we have to guess where to find one?
Is the Barstow one located where the present tesla roadster charge station is?
And will there be a reservation system? Or a way to know if it is already occupied?
They missed some details on this.


This was not mentioned, either to address the reservation system, nor to know whether one is already occupied or not.

The awesome part is that the LA supercharger allows one to drive straight out to any of the channel islands ;)

@yeti130. Yes and I'm looking forward to my first weekend drive out to Catalina island. Forget the Catlina express, I'm driving myself!


The Options and Pricing page now lists supercharging as standard for the 60kWh version, I am not sure since when.

The 40kWh is targeted for local driving, not really for long distance driving... so the $10K option for 60kWh.

... therefore the $10K option for 60kWh.


I agree to call it a spire. Good choice of words haha.

Californians: Where is Tejon Ranch?

About 1 hour north of LA. The Tejon pass is a pretty steep climb going out of the valley north of LA. So probably a good location to set up the supercharger. Also many films were made in the tejon ranch area.

I counted about 75 grey dots on the map, for the 4-6 yr. buildout, in add'n to the 90+ (?) red dots in 2 yrs, so a total around 165 - 170.

@kalikgod - assume the stations are taking at least a 1kV feed from the grid - maybe even higher.

Nice start. For my California driving, a supercharger on Hwy 101 between SF and LA is sorely lacking. Please add Paso Robles, or thereabouts! We don't all take Hwy 5.

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