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Supercharger highest charge rate?

What is the highest charge you have achieved at a supercharger?

The website says 200 miles in 30 minutes. That would be a charge rate of 400mph.

Not an owner but from what i understand the rate of charge decreases as the battery gains more charge so you technically can't just double the mph based off the first 30mins. So your first 30 minutes of charge are way faster than the last 30mins.

my highest has been 287mi/hr

Just scroll down on the Supercharger page for explanation with graph.

I have been very close to 300mph, which is at 90kWh, but my understanding from watching the Teslive conference is that the 120kWh chargers, which would allow 400mph, have not been publicly made available yet.

286 mi/hr on a 85kwh battery a little less than half full (114 mile rated range). Much slower with a fuller battery.

I've only gotten 70kw max (and on a near-empty) at the new Burlington WA SC.

The recently-installed SC in Darien is 120kw. When I get my S in a few weeks, I'll give it a try with about 50 miles of range remaining and see what I get.

I have seen the Supercharger achieve 475 Volts at 120 amps according to the display on the dash while charging. Thats 57KW /hour. It does not charge that hard very long and it slows down toward the end of the charge.

57kw/hr would be about 191 miles per hour - a little less than half the rate shown on the website.

Looks like about 300 mph is the fastest charging seen "in the wild". It could be that the new 120kw SCs and the newest cars will achieve higher.

"300 m/h" depends what are your display settings.
Yesterday charging in Gilroy I got 366 V and 246 A - that is 90 kW, but display showed only 246 rated miles per hour.

I have seen 300mph at the Darien SC.

Just charged at the Darien CT location - a 120kW SC that is about a month old. Nobody else was charging.

I had 33 rates miles when I started charging.

Highest charge rate I reached as 291 rated miles per hour.

That is well less than the 400 (200 in a half hour) rate on the SC page. Am I doing something wrong?

The 120 kW chargers are not actually flowing that much yet. All of the SC in the wild are capable of that number but they have yet to ramp them up to that level yet.

The website even says "We will soon roll out 120 kW Superchargers..."

I presume they're still testing those levels on their prototype fleet and will ramp it up when they're 100% confident in it not doing any harm.


A 90 KW/hour SC could fill up my battery in a little less then 1 hours (if we ignore reality). In reality it will take more then a hour since since charging slows down as the battery becomes full.

MS is rated for 265 Miles for the 85 KWh battery. So assuming I could fill up my battery in a little under an hour with a 90KW/hour SC I am charging at 280 rated miles per hour or 317 ideal miles per hour. A 120 KW/hour SC could charge at 374 rated miles per hour or 423 ideal miles per hour.



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Yes, that is the highest charge rate I have experienced at a SC: 146 miles in 1/2 hour.

Gilroy supercharger is close to 400 miler per hour

Was just there and the was the only car charging. I was at 170 rated remaining and range charging to 160 but would not charge faster than 157 miles per hour. Does this seem correct?

Freaking typos. Need edit feature....was the only car there.....and range charging to 260...

This is the highest I've gotten so far.


Has anybody verified the illustrated charging rate ie stop-watched it. To me, it seemed like miles were being added at about half the stated rate.

You might have been experiencing some slow down due to the battery being modestly charged.

Hi to all- the charging rate depends on many factors- even if the S/C can put out 120kW feed, you would not want this to go into the batteries at this rate. The batteries get hot in discharge mode and they get hot in charge mode as the chemical reactions are reversed. The battery system has a cooling system to remove this heat. With Lithium batteries, the reverse reaction is close to "perfect", which is why they selected this battery type.
BUT if you tried to pack this much power continuously into the batteries, they would get really hot- very bad for the cells. Tesla has built in some intelligence into the charging system, so it senses the battery array state and slows the charge rate. I do not know how far down in to the battery structure they actively control the charging. Think of a football field covered in baseballs- you can touch the ones around you, to get to the ones at midfield you have to run a bit and kick some of the baseballs out of the way, and it takes a lot of effort to get to the ones at the opposite goal line- same thing for the batteries- it takes a while to get the last "few" ions converted. Trying to rush this process just makes all of the other Lithium ions upset.
So, just be a little patient...

When I charged, I noted that the displayed miles per hour is the average since charging began, not the current rate. This might explain @Bighorn's experience.

Changing the display to kW does show the current, instantaneous rate.

Direct observation at Silverthorne, CO, SC: stated charge rate 400 mph, 400 amps, 410 volts. Put on 120 mi in the first 20 minutes, then I left for quick breakfast. Charged to 90% (234 mi) in the next 30 min as followed by iPhone. Started charging with only 7 mi left, battery was warm from driving 120 road miles (190 battery miles - climbing appr. 6000 ft at around 75 mph, outside temp single digits). Mine was the only car using one of the eight chargers.

(LMB spouse)

@Hart - 400 amps time 410 volts equals 164 kilowatts. This seems too high. The voltage also seems too high if you started charging with a nearly empty battery. 400 mph is also not consistent with a 164 kW charge rate: i would expect something around 500 mph. Any chance there's a typo in your post? Thanks, not trying to ding your credibility, but this observation seems far outside other data points.

I get close to 120kW when supercharging. Usually around 116kW.

That is the full output of the superchargers I have been too (Milford, Darien, Newark DE, Bethesda).

When I reach about 80 miles of range, the rate is usually starts to taper.

After I started this thread, they changed the website to say 170 miles in 30 minutes instead of 200, which is more accurate. About 100 in 15 minutes, and another 70 in the next 15 minutes - under absolutely ideal conditions.

90% charge in under an hour is the way I look at it - regardless of how much you arrive with. That assumes you have the supercharger to yourself and battery temperature is good.

@LMB - those values were at the very beginning, and they tapered off. Don't remember exact time frame of tapering of each number (mph, amps, volts), but I am pretty sure that mph stayed close to 400 for quite a while. Volts may have tapered off quicker. This is just from my visual memory. - But I actually have a picture of my 17 inch screen when charging in Cheyenne recently, taken appr. 5 min into charging: 373 mph, 300 amps, 370 volts. It never quite reached the values I observe at the Silverthorne charger, but it's close.

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