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Supercharger Humor

So I was sitting at a Supercharger at Prarie Valley Outlet mall Wisconsin.
A Dodge Caravan pulled up, and the driver with credit card in hand pulled out charging cable and opened his gas cap trying to insert it.
After a few minutes scratching his head, he put it back and drove off.

Dude, you can't be serious...

that's funny would been nice to see a video..

He's got an incompatible hole to plug into. There is no chance of cross contaminating the EV gene pool...

Been to that mall a couple of months ago, on our cross-country trip.

That was a priceless anecdote.

A horse, an elephant and a donkey walk into a Supercharger...

Oh he's got an incompatible hole alright... only it has nothing to do with the Tesla supercharger cable that's for sure!

I drove away because I wanted premium, not regular and there was no squeegees to wash windows! How rude!

And now, for another thilling episode of 'Stupid ICE Tricks'...

Dodge manufacturer employee on his way to work?

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