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Supercharger Locations (existing/planned) - CONFIRMED - not rumored or speculated…

My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations. There are plenty of other threads offering speculation…

update - Dec. 19th, 2013
lots has changed since this post was originally started - I recommend looking at any of the other excellent posts that have taken up this quest…

this thread however should still be dedicated to factual tracking of potential/newly functional SC sites…

Thank you, @moorelin. To me, a North Carolina resident, the line of particular interest is:

"Carrick is currently bidding on additional Tesla projects in North Carolina and Virginia"

That's the first indication that I've seen that progress in Virginia has gotten past thinking about locations and permits. I don't believe that Tesla would ask for bids if it did not have a site and the paperwork done.

Some info on Silverthorne, CO
2 pictures showing construction.

On TMC they have confirmed that the Silverthorne, CO supercharger is online! User Beavis has posted pics on the Colorado supercharger thread.

Compared with what I saw yesterday this does not look right for the Silverthorne location. There was no gravel mound & it was not that finished...

False alarm, it was clarified in the thread that those pictures were of Glenwood Springs.

However, his pictures of Glenwood show at least 5 charging stalls, where the Tesla website states only 4. Quite odd...

There might be a ribbon cutting ceremony at Silverthorne, Colorado next week?

Does anyone have any info on when the SC in Portland Maine might open? It showed in grey on the Fall 2013 TM map and in red on the Winter 2013 map.

Anyone drive by Silverthorne today?

Thanks JayBoy, now I can go to the Outerbank trip from Cary with one charge.

@ Sgt Barone Some owners are going to the Glenwood Springs SC site tomorrow. They will check out Silverthorne on the way.

Thanks Brian! Looks maybe a week away, perhaps a little less.

Only seven Tesla Superchargers may potentially go online (turning RED) in Autumn. Two are already under construction.. Silverthorne CO and Columbus TX.

Oxnard CA is permitting....

East coasters seem to still be in the permitting stages as well.

SEVEN... in three months.. with two to go online very soon... that leaves five.....that's doable!

Let's hope many more will really be online by 21Dec2013 @ 17:11 UTC.

I expect at least 90% of all the grey dots on the fall Supercharger map to turn red in 2013.

up close its frustrating to see delays on ones we are waiting for, but it really is a missing the forest for the trees situation. It would be nice if Tesla gives a bit of an update on the ones that are behind though....

My hope is @benz is correct. That would mean 45 new SCs in the next 3 months - 90% of the 50 SCs on the fall map that are not yet built. 3 to 4 opening every week, and we would have triple the SCs we have now.

My fear is @tylyoung is correct. That would mean 7 in the next 3 months. Recent history says one every two weeks in the US is more likely.

I think we can all agree Tesla fell well short of their "summer" schedule originally planned for the end of July and extended to the fall equinox.

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. It is very odd to read about delays and frustration. Once permit is granted, construction itself seems to be matter of weeks, not months. Anybody drawing that impressive map would have to have roll out plan with expected time to apply for permits and expected time to get them.

The discussion of potential delays would have ground if there were dozens of permit denials or decision on permits was delayed. However I am not aware of anything of that kind. So far things seem to be moving more or less according to the plan and decisions on permits pop up here and there. Their number is certainly more than seven.

Odd to read about frustration? You must not be in the northeast, where we went 0 for 3 this summer (MA, NJ, and VA). Still no permit or construction sightings.

Not a peep from Tesla.

Your frustration is understandable. Apart from the 2 Supercharger stations in Darien, CT (North and South) there has been no progress in the development of the Supercharger network in the North-East of the US this summer. Although they had planned to have 4 more Supercharger stations to go live during the summer, they did not succeed in doing that. And that is not good. I suggest that we can name these 4 locations: "the 4 fake red dots of summer 2013 of the US North-East Coast".

Now we have the unfortunate situation that the amount of work that has got to be done on the East side of the US (Maine to Florida) during the fall has increased from the (already planned) 20 fall grey dots up to a total of 24!!! Now that is a challenge: about 2 Supercharger stations to go live every week!!!

Well, it's pretty sweet to be here in California. I'm just waiting for the San Juan Capistrano supercharger before planning a Christmastime roadtrip down to San Diego. I totally understand the Northeast's frustration here. The population density is so much higher than out here, but California's getting built up before the Boston-Washington corridor.

@Benz - I did not count the Darien superchargers when I said they were 0 for 3. Darien North opened in the spring, and Darien South is just an expansion of Darien North. One could also make the case that Darien/Milford is just one location, since they are 30 miles apart and therefore do not provide much additional trip benefit. On the Tesla SC map, those are the only two red dots that touch each other.

Despite the best of intentions and an impressive SC map, there are fewer SCs east of the Mississippi than there are in California.

Just went by the Union Bank in San Juan Capistrano on Friday and there is still NO work being done.

Anyone have any info on an Eta for I-87 in NY?

We live in NJ and our son goes to school in Vermont. At this point, there's no way to take the Tesla there.

In addition to the somewhat long permit process, I think Tesla is concentrating on areas with a higher number of cars for supercharger roll-out. People need to remember Elon is creating a whole new infrastructure and it WILL take time.

You might try a search on hotel chargers. I believe someone posted they were putting in an 80amp charger at a hotel in the Albany area - a Best Western maybe? Not quite a supercharger, but may get you there.

Do they have a charger at the school? I have two in college - one has a Chargepoint 30amp charger that is convenient and free; the other has nothing.

@Neech - of course it will take time. We are simply going by the supercharger plan that Elon published. They just updated the map a couple of weeks ago. Opening an average of 4/wk during the fall according to Tesla - their timing, not mine.

With regards to the sites in the northeast, all they did was re-label them on the map to "fall" from "summer" as summer ended. Not a word about it.

There is no reason to expect them not to just re-label them to "winter" as December 21 approaches. I called Tesla and asked about this, and a woman read to me from a script without answering my question.

Although it might not be their fault, they lost credibility on this matter when they silently re-labelled the map. It would be better if they just removed the seasonal labels from the slider.

It wasn't a very smart move to show the summer, fall and winter maps at all. There should only have been a 2013, a 2014 and a 2015 map. That would have led to less high expectations this soon already, and they would have had more time to achieve better results. A season is simply too short. A year would have been more practical.

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