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Supercharger Locations (existing/planned) - CONFIRMED - not rumored or speculated…

My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations. There are plenty of other threads offering speculation…

update - Dec. 19th, 2013
lots has changed since this post was originally started - I recommend looking at any of the other excellent posts that have taken up this quest…

this thread however should still be dedicated to factual tracking of potential/newly functional SC sites…

142 miles between Hawthorne and Buelton. Why would you have any trouble making that trip. Even with heavy traffic on PCH or 101?

Probably could make it in heavy traffic...without traffic my wife will drive 80 and cut it way too close:)

map updated with new SC's - Green Pins are the "new" SC's that have just come online.


Many of the listings on the map have no state beside the location. Chauvinistic!

all entries now have states listed…

Why is it that superchargers are being slotted for states that are trying to bar Tesla from direct selling to customers? Take all the superchargers slated for TX and the other states that are threatening to ban Tesla from direct selling and put them to good use servicing your existing customers in the states no superchargers exist yet. You have a large number of owners in TN (including myself, with a hell of a lot more deliveries according to my Atlanta service location) with no superchargers planned for TN and only 2 in GA? come on now people! I am certainly not looking to charge my car for free since people purchasing this car are not hurting in the cash department and could well afford paying to charge up. Hell I'm just looking for a way to get to I95 at this point! Apparently what Tesla fails to realize is that we ALL need to get to far away destinations without worrying we will run out of charge. What Tesla needs to do is draw a circle with a 200 mile radius around each of its customers and use that as a starting off point for placing these supercharger stations. Why am I less important to Tesla success than someone in Seattle or LA or NY? I know it will take time to place these stations but let's not forsake the early customers for those who might buy a Tesla down the road.

Restrictions from direct selling has not prevented Tesla from selling Roadster and Model S in states like Texas - it only makes the process a little more complicated for the new owners - having to purchase the car in California and have it transferred to Texas.

Tesla is installing the SC's based on where they are selling cars - that's the right model - and the strategy that is more likely to have the desired effect in the long run - increasing pressure on each state to provide better support for their citizens - who are really the ones most hurt by the lack of direct sale support.

It may seem like a lot in TN to you, but TM knows the exact count everywhere, and I assume TX is much higher.

I doubt it is much higher since TX is an oil friendly state and you know what they say about assumptions. You are assuming Tesla only puts these supercharger stations where they sell the most cars. For California that may be the case but I think they are rolling them out by potential customers based on population not actual ownership. I bet the Tesla ownership per 1000 registered vehicles might not be as high in TX as you think. I would love to see them map out ownership in the US and get a more realistic picture of where these cars actually are. Anyway I thought the goal was to give Tesla owners the ability to traverse the country not give free charges to people in large metro areas.

might I humbly suggest that if you want to discuss _WHY_ Tesla install's SC in someplace or not this is not the thread for that conversation.

This thread is to discuss confirmed evidence based information on where Supercharges are installed, or about to be installed.

The reasons as to why are best left to another discuss thread.



There are 300+ MS in Houston (including my 2 wk old 85) and approx 20 more every week.

well whoop-de-do for you. Glad you get the chargers while we get screwed! nice to see my commitment to this car is working for you.

I understand your frustration. It's tough being a pioneer. There's a link on the Tesla website at where you can put in suggested supercharger locations. It may also help if you know of sites in places you drive where a supercharger might make sense that Californians might not be aware of. Getting site owners to click on the link above and offer a site would probably be even more helpful.
I, too, would love to see some Superchargers in TN since I have relatives in Memphis and Knoxville, and do a lot of business in Huntsville, AL. Once superchargers make my driving around that area possible, all I'd need to do would be to find a car rental place that will rent me a Model S.
Good luck.

Has there been any evidence yet for the San Juan Capistrano area site? The area seems like a black hole for online information. It has been a few weeks since the majority of the installation work on 101 was completed so hopefully they are making progress and not held up with leases or permits.

Here is a map of Tesla Owners in the entire world. I do not know that it is completely up to date but I found my car on the map.

The zeemap is far from being complete. In AZ we have about 400 Model S on the road. When you look at that map it seems there are only 50 or so.

I can't find any evidence for Oxnard/San Juan Capistrano - other than the "grey" dots on Tesla SC map.

Does anyone know where the planned Phoenix location is supposed to be? Is it under construction, can it be seen from a drive-by? Tesla's supercharger map shows Phoenix "in process" as of summer 2013 and completed by end of 2013. If that's the case, they surely must have secured a location and all of the permits by now.

I'm sorry if this has already been addressed, but the search functionality here leaves much to be desired.

Woodland Washington.

It has been discussed in many other forums about how far apart the SC should be so I am not going to repeat here. I hope TM is not planning to do 200 miles or all of the S60 including mine will be in trouble when we travel.

so far SC's have been about 120-140 miles apart…but we don't have a big enough sample size yet to see if that's a criteria - the closest so far are Atascadero & Buellton at less than 90 miles…

@ Tylyoung - Woodland Washington?

Yes do you have anything else to share here - is there some evidence of an SC in this location, do you have a question? Are you making a statement?

Minor typo - you show the address of the Darien, CT supercharger as "11 Uptown circle". That address is of the Normal Illinois location.

doh! I'll fix this ASAP - as to correct information - once a super charger is "active" everyone should refer to the Tesla website as the authoritative address/location information.

Ther most definitely are NOT any in Woodland WA.

I was at the Burlington WA site yesterday and happened upon the tester for the Supercharger Deployment Team testing each one. We have electrons flowing! Expect them to go live this next week.


Of course Tylyoung could have meant Woodburn Oregon as there is one going in there. ;-)

I'm puzzled at why Atascadero and Buellton were done so close. Probably just site availability. Will check out one or the other this weekend, Buellton if we stop first in Gilroy, Atasca if we deadhead from SF.

Re map: My Sig is not shown on it, and since it predates most, I doubt the map is accurate.

The map is a voluntary effort; you have to register and email some info to get on it.

Stopped by to check out the Burlington, WA SC today. No cones, no tape, no one around. Favorite Son hopped out and connected. In 25 minutes we added 70+ miles, just enough to get to Seattle, with three stops along the way for fresh produce.

Official opening event not until next Tuesday (15 July).

Can you confirm the opening event is on Tuesday (15th)? Heard it wasn't until Thursday (18th).
Thank you!

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