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Supercharger Locations (existing/planned) - CONFIRMED - not rumored or speculated…

My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations. There are plenty of other threads offering speculation…

update - Dec. 19th, 2013
lots has changed since this post was originally started - I recommend looking at any of the other excellent posts that have taken up this quest…

this thread however should still be dedicated to factual tracking of potential/newly functional SC sites…

In CT we have two Superchargers less than 30 miles apart: Darien and Milford.
Not sure of the intent but I certainly hope it means a supercharger is coming soon to 87 or the NJ TPKE.

Hi dortor:

Would you please note exact Fort Myers, FL address:

Gulf Coast Town Center, 9903 Gulf Coast Main St, Fort Myers, FL 33913.

Those Chargers look Super. Don't let the connector touch the wet pavement while you're standing on it, though.

map updated - typo's fixed - addresses entered - keep the information flowing!

Regarding the Rockford, IL (CherryVale Mall) location that is shown as scheduled for this summer, I asked the mall operator and they are estimating operational by October 1. Oh well...

Heavy use predicted, I expect. 2 nearby sites ease each other's load. Are there significant cross-route differences? Do they serve distinct commuter streams, e.g.?

Buelton and Atascadero, CA Superchargers showed up on my "Places"/"Superchargers" tab in the in-car nav system today.

@Brian H

That's the thing. They're both on I-95 too far east of I-87 to be helpful to anyone traveling to Albany or Montreal. However, I-95 in CT is a major route for commuting to NYC from eastern CT. Perhaps your theory of splitting the load comes into play. But as I said previously to make a real difference the new Darien location will have to be within striking distance of something in northern Jersey. And hopefully that will tie into the DE location.

Having not spent much time driving on the East coast, but looking at a map and reading folks' input, I can only imagine how tough it will be for Tesla to get the supercharger station placement correct to please you all that live and travel regularly out there. UGH!


This is great work you're doing, and I applaud you for your efforts. However, might I suggest one addition? I would appreciate a line stating the number of confirmed functional Superchargers; this would make it easy to keep track of Tesla's progress. Example (based on my count of your map):

At the present time, there are


operational Supercharger stations around the country. Of these,


have been added within the last 60 days.

Oh, hell--I can't HTML. Those were supposed to just be bold.

I don't know - I kinda like the big "bold" numbers - I'll up the posting with a quick/easy summary when I get home tonight - at work now, I've heard rumors that the NJ Supercharger is going to be at the Thomas A. Edison Service Center (tee hee!), Southbound on the NJ Turnpike between exits 12 and 11...Let's see how good my sources are. Any of you Turnpikers feel like doing some sleuthing next time you pull over for a pee and a Starbucks?


That would be very good news.

I received an email saying the Port Saint Lucie Florida location will be open this Wednesday, 7/24. I don't know if they sent this to everybody, or only the Florida Tesla owners. It is about 70 miles north of me. I can't make it on Wednesday, but I plan to head up on the weekend to try it out.

Both Centralia WA and Burlington WA superchargers are now in operation (10 and 8 slots, 90kw), allowing Vancouver BC to Portland OR trips.

With Burlington up now, I think that brings the total number of operational Superchargers up to 14. Keep 'em coming!

It's 15 currently.

Which one am I missing? I see 2 in Connecticut, 1 in Delaware, 1 in Illinois, 8 in California, and 2 in Washington. This is counting off of the map in the OP (below). That's 14 by my count.

Depending on how you count superchargers there are either 2 or 3 in Connecticut. Two superchargers in Connecticut are only separated by the highway meridian. I personally count the N & S bound superchargers as 1 station.... But some people say the bigger the number the better.

I looked at the official listing as usual:

WOW! The irony of a Tesla SC station and the T.A. Edison rest stop!

Oh I see--on the map there are 14 dots, but underneath the map they list Milford, CT (North) and (South) separately.

San Juan Capistrano on the corner of Del Obispo and Camino Capistrano. It's pending final approval. Final approval should be completed in a few weeks.

Which shopping mall is it going to be in? There are four possible locations based on that description. Where's the link? Thanks.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

It's possible that it's an insider information.

However,a search for permit for Tesla for San Juan Capistrano, CA yields null at current.

Your search terms are too limited. It's possible the permit would be in the contractor's name. The permit hasn't been filed. Or ground hasn't broken. Or . . .

The permits in Oregon are not for Tesla but for a local company Olsen Group Investments LLC. But the project description then mentions Tesla:

Project Description:
SALEM OR 97301

(this is for the yet to be constructed Supercharger in Woodburn)

It's going in the Union Bank parking lot - odd location, but plenty to keep one occupied for a charge. I was not able to locate anything on the city of San Juan Capistrano's permit site (not OC public works). I just called and asked about EV stations be built in the city in the near future and they volunteered information on the Tesla Supercharger - which is exactly the information I was calling about. Once approved in the next 2 weeks, there should be some visible signs of progress in the next month.

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