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Supercharger speed question

With the sporadic supercharger locations, I'll be looking to use one after only driving about 90 miles. What will the supercharger add in range after 20 minutes of charging if the battery was at 140 miles of range still? My understanding is the first 50% recharge is very fast but it progressively slows down during the last 50%.


it still charges around 80-120 miles an hour till finished.

With the bump up to the 120kwh charging rate the taper off to slower charging comes much later. At least that's how I remember Elon describing it in the presentation at the investors meeting.

The concern is very valid in that higher charge rates require higher charge voltages which (from RC experience - I'm no expert) would seem to require earlier taper of charge current. What we need from Tesla is a system supercharger charge graph that shows rate of charge versus time so you can answer the question for yourself. The other option is to simply go to a SC with 1/4 charge and let the car charge to full. Simply log charge rate every five minutes and you/we should be able to generate a reasonable graph for ourselves.

Keep in mind 2 cars share the same 120 kW charger "stack". It will go much faster if you're the only car.

For those new to Superchargers, the bays are labeled 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc. One set of electronics powers the numbered set like 1A and 1B. For the fastest charge pick a number set without a car. For example, if a car is already in 2B, and the other three are open, pick 1A or 1B, but not 2A.

In this example, if you pick 2A, you'll only get 1/2 or so of the charge rate until the "2B" car starts to taper off, where you'll start getting more power. If "2B" is fully charged, "2A" will then get the maximum rate available.

Elon was explicit that the shortened taper was in addition to and enhanced the 120 upgrade.

Charged at Hawthorne from 100 rated miles to 200. Took exactly 30 minutes. Only car charging on bay. (charging displayed 284 miles/hr then tapered to 200 miles/hr by the time it got up to 200 rated miles; yeah, it still came out to 30 min charge time somehow); I left after that).

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