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Tall People Rejoice!

I find that I can't properly assess the ergonomics until I actually drive the car. I'm 6'-4" with a 35" inseam and don't fit comfortably in most cars.

The Tesla S is the most tall person friendly sedan I have driven. We won't talk about the back seat. Suffice it to say that if you routinely need to put even medium size adults back there wait for the "X" version. Consumer Reports will have a field day with the lack of headroom but I think it is a small price to pay for that beautiful roof line. Any way tall people never sit in the back.

"S" Driver Head Room: With the seat all of the way down I had a good 3" clear to the ceiling in the hardtop. The Pano roof is nice and more airy in feeling but does not give you more physical headroom because the side beam over the window encroaches about one third of the way into your head space. In other words to utilize the extra space you would have to lean over the center console while driving--not recommended.

Reach: The second most important dimension is the distance from the pedals to the fully extended steering wheel. This may be the first car I have ever owned where the steering wheel reach is adequate. Thank you Tesla.

Seat Back Shape: Happily, the seat back is not concave like Audi's and BMW's, meaning that you don't get that horrible karate chop in the middle of your upper back or have to hunch forward to drive.

Head Rests: This very comfortable seat is marred by the fixed headrest. It comes down so low that it pokes your upper spine. I was aware of it during the entire drive. It is not a good design and I can't see where it helps short people. It will be necessary (and not difficult) to take the padding out of the lower 2" of the headrest. The more you recline the seat, the less of a problem the head rest is.

Seat belt Height: The seat belt was not adjustable but was high enough on the "B" pillar to be comfortable.

Sun Visors: The sun visors are wider than most cars and therefore shade more of the side window when turned 90 degrees to block the morning or afternoon sun than usual. Unfortunately there is still a 2 1/2" void from the end of the visor to the "B" pillar and the visor does not slide to cover this gap. It can't be very expensive to make the visor slide 3" for those of us who drive with the seat set to the rear. In my book this is a safety, not a convenience issue. People are going to ask why I have the 3" square of tinfoil duct taped to the window.

At any rate, except for the two items mentioned above, this is very good news and people up to 6'-6" should be very comfortable. Taller people may fit, but better test before committing.

Hope this helps.

How funny was that! Thanks Jerry3.

Indeed Cindy you are correct, getting out is a chore. And yes, the door threshold was quite scuffed (and very plastic :-( ). Our Model Ss will be neighbors: Kensington and Chevy Chase.

Well, I'm lucky, I guess. Only 5' 10", mostly torso. So I tend to sit close to the wheel. Hopefully I'll be far enough forward to get past the B pillar.

Model S is not tall-friendly at all. It's made for short people. I'm 6'6" and while my head barely clears the ceiling I would have to stoop down and peer up to see out the windshield to be able to tell when a traffic light is turning green and I need to have the seat all the way back and partially reclined which would leave absolutely no legroom for a rear seat passenger. Even when the front seats are not all the way back, the rear seat is extremely cramped with very limited headroom and horrible legroom. I had an early reservation for the Model S but decided to keep my Audi A8-L when I tried sitting in one. I switched my deposit to a Model X and am hoping it is a lot more spacious inside, plus I really need the AWD for the northeast winters and my steep driveway.

To be fair, I find few cars to be spacious enough for me. Ironically, the giant Detroit SUVs don't have much headroom at all, although my Toyota Sequoia is excellent, as is my daughter's Honda Pilot and (believe it or not) my wife's Hyundai Tucson (none of these has the sunroof option, which robs at least 2 inches of headroom).

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