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Tech Package - worth it?

I'm just curious what the consensus is as to the value of the Tech Package option.

To me, $3750 seems a little high for what is listed. For example, navigation with map updates doesn't seem like it should be a big deal. Google makes a great free app for that in the Android Market - I mean, the "Google Play" store - already. Should be able to get that working for the Model S without too much trouble, no?

The power lift gate & xenon lamps are nice, as are the convenience lighting. Homelink? I guess, although I've never used it before.

But all that just doesn't add up to $3750 for me. I'm thinking maybe $2k would be more appropriate.

It's the one option I'm really waffling about. If I get it, it will be in anticipation of something being made available in the future to make it more in line with the current price tag. I don't want to exclude myself from any goodies down the road :)

This is from the 2013 BMW 535i pricing, just FYI. I'm on the fence also as there's not really anything I couldn't live without, but I think it's fairly priced. My wished-for item would be audible Park Distance Control. Once you have this you really appreciate it, and coupled with a rear camera you don't have to crank your neck ever again (getting old I guess).

Premium Package $1,500
• Power tailgate
• Comfort Access keyless entry
• Satellite radio with 1 year subscription

Technology Package $2,800
• Real Time Traffic Information
• Head-up Display
• Instrument cluster with extended contents
• Navigation system
• Smartphone Integration
• Online Information Services
• BMW Apps

Driver Assistance Package $1,900
• Rear-view camera
• Active Blind Spot Detection
• Side and Top View Cameras
• Park Distance Control

Got the Tech package (bundled with Sig, but I would order it anyhow) specifically for the keyless entry, headlights and home link [features I use every day].

Currently have a BMW 5-series with the Premium and Technology package (was about the same price) but the head-up Display was the 'killer app' for me. My favorite tech accessory, wish the Model-S had HUD too! Tesla package is a bit short on features (no adaptive cruise, blind-spot warning, park distance control) and frugally bundled (no included satellite radio subscription or probably data) but otherwise competitive.

I guess there are buyer like me that can afford toys that make owning and driving an 'uprated' car more enjoyable. Amortized over the 5-6 years I typically own a car then typically sold to an individual who looks for premium features and a very well maintained used car, the extra cost is well worth it to me.



tesla.mrspaghetti, maybe the discussion in this thread can help you decide:

I just took my first test drive before ordering. I too am waffling on this package. The only thing that really interests me is the better nav. I was told that the "standard" nav shows up on the 17" monitor but does not include voice commands. The upgraded nav shows the turn by turn to the left of the speedo as well as giving you voice commands. Seems like a lot of money for a little software mod.

The one issue I have with both the standard and upgraded nav is that the map on the monitor is always oriented with north up, and does not orient to the direction of travel. This seems archaic and should definitely be fixed, my smart phone does better!

I heard the comment about the map always pointing North in another review as well, can't remember which. I agree that it should point/match the direction of the nose on your Model S, makes total sense and I expect TM has it on their list of fixes for an eventual update. Probably focused more on things like creep, hill hold and set charge time as well as a few other promised upgrades that haven't proven fruitful yet.

valdezs1, Be very careful in assuming you get any kind of navigation at all on the 17" monitor as standard equipment without the Tech Package.

I have checked several times with Tesla reps by email on this point and each time the response was that there will be no GPS installed in cars without the Tech Package. This makes it impossible for your car to be pinpointed on a map on the 17" display so you could not track your route. Here is the verbatim quote from a Telsa delivery specialist by email just last week:

Without the tech package, GPS navigation is not available. A GPS pointer indicating your position, is not available without the tech package. You can still use your phone as a mobile hot spot, so that you can search for routes on Google, but it will not track your current location.


That pretty well makes the tech package a must-have then.

Decision made.

tesla.mrspaghet and others--This is such an expensive decision that you might not want to take my rep's word for it. You can email Tesla directly for confirmation.

Personally I'd love it if some type of active navigation were standard, like comes standard on smartphones, which is why I've gone back to them several times about it. But Tesla's consistent answer has been no. Please post if you email them and get a different response.

@ valdezs1

When I did a test drive a couple of weeks ago, the map on the 17" monitor was always pointing North but the the turn by turn map to the left of the speedometer pointed/matched the direction of the nose on the Model S.
I'm use to the navigation map on my Fusion Hybrid always pointing North but noticed a few weeks ago in a friend's Prius that the map matched the direction of the car.
Think I like the combo.

@sagebrushnw, thank you for sharing that. I assumed the map / navigation on the screen behind the steering wheel would mirror the 17" screen but it's cool to hear that it at least can match the direction the nose of the car is pointed and not always north.

Does anyone know whether the nav system has a "3D" option?

Does anyone know whether the nav system has a "3D" option? (DouglasR)

This blog post has a "screen shot" (quite literally) of the nav display:

There are more similar shots out on the web, if you look for them. Those shots are a strong indication that Tesla is essentially using the Navigon app, which has been explicitly confirmed somewhere (can't tell whether it was by an owner or a Tesla rep). So the answer to your question would be: Yes.

The Navigon is 90% on the dash display. There you get the heading up, 3d, lane guidance, traffic signs, etc. On the 17" display it's basically Google maps with an inset showing the list of upcoming turns. In fact, the maps aren't even the same. I was driving on a new highway which was very clearly indicated on the Google map on the 17" screen, but the navigation didn't know about the road and kept trying to re-route me every time I came near a known road.

I am very happy we got the Tech Pkg. The car seems even more special with it. Also, I cannot imagine trying to sell a used MS in the future without the Tech Pkg. Full Disclosure: I plan to keep this car as long as I can drive.

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