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Tesla in Alaska

It is my intention to purchase a Tesla S model for driving from Wasilla, Alaska to Anchorage. Yes, I do have concerns over the extreme weather condition here in Alaska and how the vehicle will perform. I honestly believe it will surpass my expectations. At the present time, we have no Sales or service facilities available for Alaska. I still plan to purchase one.

You go, Don Jacobs!
I'm excited to hear about it :)

I drive 110 miles round trip from Wasilla, AK to Anchorage, AK and back home 5 days a week. My fuel costs are to the extreme. We pay in excess of $4.29 a gallon for regular gas and it will go higher. Thanks, Obama! I have read many comments on the Tesla S model and I am confident that it will exceed my expectations. Yes, it may be risky but what isn't! I'm very anxious to get started, even if I have to go to Seattle to purchase the S Model.

I read somewhere that Obama gets $1.30 from every gallon of gas sold. I'm pretty sure that's right because I can't think of any other reason for gas prices to be high right now.

Don - you should have peak into the Norway threads. Tesla sells a lot MS in Norway. Alaska and Norway have similar conditions.

Don - $4.29 for a gallon is cheap, I used to pay close to $5 in CA, but I lost track lately. 110 miles RT should be not a problem even in the cold, rain and bad winds. I you can afford get the 85 kWh battery for additional range down the road ( batteries degrade over time and worst case expect after 8 years to have 70% left that means a 85 kWh will be a 60 kWh ). You are driving about 30k miles a year... depending on your electricity cost that could save you a lot.

Thanks for the Information. I would not spend the money on Tesla, if I had any concerns about the quality and the performance on the Model S. Granted, it may cost a little more then many other cars but the savings on fuel is unprecedented! As I had stated earlier, driving 110 miles back and forth to work in some serious weather conditions is a concern. I just saw a Video from Tesla where all of my concerns were satisfied as to the handling of the vehicle on Snow and Ice, it would be driving the car from Seattle to I was very satisfied. If I have any other concern's, it will be keeping it Charged coming up the ALCAN Hwy. I'll discuss that later. I do have an answer for keeping it charged and will post that one later.

Driving the car from Seattle to Wasilla, Alaska and keeping it charged. I do have the solution.

Seattle to Wasilla - 2300 miles on your first trip... you are brave. Why not have Tesla deliver it to your house? Asking could not hurt. Definetly get the ranger sevice plan - you are the reason why I paid for the ranger service plan myself ( I have 2 service centers within 30 miles with more to come )

That sounds like a plan. If they will deliver it then it could save us both some possible imbarrasment.
I will take your advice and ask. Never know until you ask. Thanks

There are already a number of Tesla owners in AK. Search the TMC threads for pictures and reports. Tesla delivers to AK.

It's not a Chevy Volt!

You might want to get winter tyres from the start. I hear the normal tyres are not that good over there

I have used Standard tires on all of my vehicles and have no problems. Alaska does take great care of its highways and is always prepared for the worst. Having said that, I did get the Paint protection package. Sand and gravel have a tendency to break most all windshields here in Alaska. Its hard to avoid. There are packages available for $400.00 that will cover the replacement of a windshield for the life of the car. (Original owner)

This is what you need to check out. Lead footed long distance winter driving!


I will check the sites out. Thanks

I had my Model S delivered on April 1 in Anchorage. There was snow on the ground, and the car handled wonderfully. No issues with range anxiety or service. I have driven to Seward and back without the need for a charge, although I did plug-in at an RV park because I took a break. I'd be happy to meet up with you sometime, if you'd like to check the vehicle out.

I always find it hilarious how you Americans haggle over gas prices and administration. You're driving almost for free considering we've got it at $7.5 / gallon here in EU or even higher ;)

Well the price of electricity isn't that bad. it's arond 4c / kWh for electricity and about the same added for transmission maintenance etc coming roughly to 9c/kWh with all the extra fees etc (i.e. renewable energy fee etc). Then there's amperage fee that is fixed per month and therefore adds a varying amount depending on total amount of kWh spent (the more you use the cheaper the kWh). Right now I have it at ca 12c/kWh average. If I were to charge my MS I'd add about 240kWh to the night time costing me ~20 eur / month. Right now my Evo X monthly fuel usage is ~180-220 eur / month so it's a factor of 10 reduction :)

I have posted this question several times and my posts seem to disappear. I can find a location,even a map on this website for a planned service station in Anchorage but I can't find any timeline for completion or even if it will have a super charging station attached. I want to purchase a Model S but I am very concerned about the lack of service providers in Alaska and having a super charging station here would also help sway me towards a purchase of a Model S. Does ANYONE know if there is a estimated completion date on the service center in Anchorage, Alaska? Does ANYONE know if there will be a charging station built in Alaska?
Thank you,
Anna Muhovich

Most states tax gasoline as a why of getting money to build and repair roads. The tax is different in every state. Obama has nothing to do with it.

Obama's certainly not perfect, but not everything is his fault. In fact, you should thank Obama for lending Tesla a half a billion dollars to save the company.

The loan did not save the company. Elon has said it helped speed up some R&D, but the firm was just fine without it.

Okay, helped when Elon was finding it difficult to get fresh money. I certainly wouldn't want take anything away from Elon. Anyway, it was a good thing.

Actually it was GWB that started the program that initiated the DOE to loan for the new technologies in 2007. It did not get funded until 2010. Not tooting a horn or bashing.

Americans use to believe scientists and support new technology. Something's gone awry.

Those who claim President Obama makes $1.30 / gallon or discuss the 2012 election... do the rest of us a favor and go back to watching Fox News and other assorted propaganda. If you own or plan to own a Tesla then you made a good choice. But you clearly missed the boat on political issues... sail it elsewhere please.

@andrew.berman "Those who claim President Obama makes $1.30." I would guess that was sarcasm. However, you need to go back to that joke MSNBC and get all your propaganda (if it is still on with there poor ratings LOL). As Daphny said "--- you should thank Obama for lending Tesla a half a billion dollars to save the company. Then we see that it was actually GWB policies that we should thank. But she does not mention we should thank Obama for losing the American tax payers half a billion $$$ when his administration re-wrote the solyndra deal.

#bigd - some serious word salad there. I do thank Mr. Obama for lending Tesla, GM and Chrysler the money that they needed, for it was money well spent. Solyndra didn't work out: Turd happens. GWB was a moron of the highest order who put the economy into the ground, wasted untold billions on an unnecessary war after he said "Mission Accomplished", and I could keep going if so choose. Seriously folks - don't argue politics on here. If you bought a Tesla then congratulations on your choice. But if you choose to live in the bubble of reality that Fox News created for you, that is your problem -- not mine.

".GWB was a moron of the highest order who put the economy into the ground,". Just a little history lesson, the financial "crises" came about due to the lending policies from Clinton administration. You know, everyone deserve a home loan, even if they cant afford it. I don't think that the present (lack) of leadership is good but I am not going to call a president a moron. However, ones who spout off about them and don't even know their policies and those of others may need look in the mirror before calling names:-)

Cough cough cough....

Actually, those policies came about during George W. Bush's administration too. After all, who wanted government oversight over things like how the financial institutions handle money?

Glass Steagall was effectively undone during the Clinton administration, so I will hand you that cookie. Beyond that, I concede nothing: Clinton gave us a budgetary surplus. GWB unwound it. Tea Party discovers deficit is a problem. Who created it the problem? President Obama inherited it, but it seems the issue became serious on 01/20/2009, if you ask the "right" people.

I could keep going but it just isn't worth the trouble.

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