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Tesla Annoucement 5/3/13

Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk
Time to up the ante (and fix some mistakes). Tesla announcement tomorrow.

Well, while I do love the MS, I wonder which mistakes?
I do like the "up the ante"

@Brian H - I was referring to the market value. The market value of a car should be affected by the EV rebate in that the rebate will drive down the value in the secondary market.

Assuming you are buying a used EV, since you can't claim the rebate you will want to see some compensation for it in the price you are paying for the used car. My MS cost about $80k, but I couldn't just turn around and sell it for $78k two months later. It would have to be something like $70k (assuming I will be able to still claim the rebate on my taxes next year).

Elon however will be guaranteeing the residual value to be based off of the invoice which should be higher than the identical car in the used car market even if they depreciated at the same rate? Maybe I'm making an incorrect assumption somewhere??

The rebate has no effect on the purchase price. The new buyer pays full price and gets the $7500 credit the next tax day. A used buyer might try to use the "net" as a basis for valuation and depreciation, but only a weak negotiator would succumb to that ploy.

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