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Tesla in Brasil

Just recently on a trip to Denmark I made the big mistake of test-driving the Model S for about an half an hour.... Now I'm completely addicted and can't stop thinking about this car! "Wow" is all I can say.... problem is I live in Brazil, which means that a $60k Model S would arrive here for about $200k...

In any case, while being the 4th largest automotive market in the world with most luxury brands considering the country one of its biggest potentials, I was wondering if the 2015 expected arrival of Tesla in the country is in any way confirmed.

Also, I'd love to meet other brazilian Tesla fans out there waiting anxiously for our turn on this car.


Tesla will be in Brazil, and we can watch foot bowl soccer in the huge 17" screen :) now the production is around 20.000 units per year, for 2014 40.000 but the factory has the potential of 500.000. Just be patient.

Not true. No video.

Even though Brazil being the 4th largest automotive market in the world, imported cars are very expensive, a Tesla Model S would cost around Us$ 123.000,00 - R$ 260.000,00. (This price is for Paraná state, not considering IPI).

I hope that the Brazilian President Mrs.Dilma reduce the tax for electric/hybrid vehicles so Tesla models would be cheaper.

Congratulations Tesla! You are making the future now!

Hope to see you soon in Brazil!

Still eager for news about the release of the Tesla S in Brazil. Back in 2012 there was lots of talking about plans for a 2014 release. How are things going?

Keep on doing the amazing job you've done so far.

Could you drive on temporary import plates? Also, what about the 3G, would it work? Because if it doesn't, you can forget about the Football. Also, how would you watch it? Does the browser have built-in Flash?

No video on browser. Video visible to driver is illegal in US.

Why don't you write a letter to the authorities telling them why electric cars are so good, are good for the environment, cause less wear on the roads... give them a good point, make the letter sound convincing, maybe they can give you permission to import free of taxes, completely. Therefore, you'd buy the $60,000 car for $55,000 as you wouldn't pay for American/Danish taxes, and you wouldn't pay Brazilian fees.

Furthermore, Brazilian road fees (I am unaware of the system, I assume you get metered by engine size, weight) may not apply to you, unless you folks pay based on weight, and the Tesla weighs a lot, maybe offer to pay more fees later through ownership?

Compromise my friend, be a little bit different from everyone else, use your imagination


420web, driving a car with a foreign plate, like in most places, is limited to 3 months (or so it was when I checked years ago). Believe me, to chase an ordinary citizen and nail him in jail for breaking importation laws the Brazilian police is very effective at that.

Good luck writing to politicians there. More likely your letter will be tossed since the typical congressmen there will be busy collecting propinas.

Watch "Trips de Elite 2".

MarlonBrown, I know it may be, but re-entering the country if you live near the border to another may be a possible/viable option.
Also, does the 3G work in Brazil like it does in Canada?

Apparently they're considering it, but like the Gigafactory and assembly plants they have in China with a joint venture, they should do the same in Brazil. Ship the CKD Tesla Model Ss in parts, assemble them and register them from within the country. Then, they could build superchargers. If they don't charge the price of the privilege of owning a Tesla in Brazil, a lot of the luxury purchasers will buy it instead of a Porsche or a medium-high end Merecedes. In China, importers like to overcharge but Tesla decided not to, and they are quite successful over there.

They have 4G though, LTE. What about Brazil? What's the internet like in rural parts?

$5 says there will be bullet proof Teslas haha

There is already a Tesla Model S P85 at São Paulo Brazil, check this link.

We also have 4G in main cities, but 3G is easy to get anywhere, (including rural).

Hopefully this year electric cars will get buying incentives from our government.

Hmm, interesting... fcampo, I worked out that if you were to ship the car to Brazil, you would pay 60%, and if you were to ship in the chassis, it would be 35% and 25% for batteries, so the same 60%

You would need to order from the Netherlands, Tillburg, and then ship the car to Brazil as that's the only place you can actually export Teslas from

Does the 3G on that car work?
Is it a European export car?
Does it have a US charge port?
How much were taxes?
How can I contact the owner?


So dim. Those % numbers don't add. 35%x60%=14%; 25%x40%=10%; 14%+10%=24%.

How do they not add up, Brian? You take 25% for the battery, and 30% import for the chassis, that gives you 60% tax on a car, where you could declare the chassis as being worth than a complete car would be valued at in the Blue Book, but then you'd have a car it'd be tricky to re-assemble.

Or, you import a complete assembled vehicle and declare it as a Nissan Leaf to avoid taxes, and have a couple hundred on hand for bribes.

Sorry, 35% not 30%

Those % don't add.

one part * 25%
one other part * 25%
complete vehicle * 25%


To put it in more mathematical:

x*z + y*z = (x+y)*z


Total =$2.90

NOT 60%.

So you're telling me, it'll be even cheaper? Well then, what are you waiting on? xD Buy the Tesla

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