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Tesla CEO teases crossover and sports car EVs for 2016 - Engadget Article (Source WIRED)


A smaller S, I don't want to wait, but looks really good.

Yeah, I can't wait either, but as a shareholder, this puts a smile on my face too! :D

sounds like a plan. Go for it...
5 models in 2016 would mean a yearly production rate around 100.000 -minimum.
The Tesla-Factory is able to produce at least 500.000 units a Year...
as a stockholder, this is the story of Your life- maybe! =)

Since the NUMMI plant could produce 500,000 cars annually, I predict Tesla could produce at least 750,000 per year, eventually. With so many fewer parts than an ICE vehicle, and a higher degree of automation on the line, this seems reasonable. Of course, that's only based on demand reaching that level, and not using half the factory building battery packs and motors and drivetrains for other manufacturers. I believe Elon has implied that they would license the other manufacturers to build their own before it ever reached that level.

BYT, thank you for the pointer!

“In a lot of respects, it’ll be a scaled down Model S,” Musk told Wired. “Something like 20 to 25 percent smaller than the Model S.”

Let's just hope that they do not apply this formula to the rear head room... :-P

@Volker.Berlin, LOL, agreed about the rear headroom. From the picture of the model I would venture to guess it's going to be the same if not better. It looks to me like maybe the Honda CRV hatchback, maybe, or at least "feel" that way on the inside. I think TM will learn a lot from the Model S and they have another 4 years to get it right for the mass produced $30k car.

Exciting times!

TSLA shorts cover your A— now!

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