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Tesla Charging To Connect My Smartphone?!?!?!

Just saw kinkaids post, maybe I'm reading into the statement too far but he says they will have plans for tethering smartphones. If I'm using the 4G on my phone, I don't see why I would need a plan!

I very much doubt they can do that if they allow wifi enabling. I would just create hotspot with your phone and MS should be able to tell the difference between your phone vs. home wifi....

I agree, I would like to use my LTE hot spot which I already pay for and is faster than 3G not have to pay to tether my smartphone.

He doesn't actually say they will have "plans" (i assume from your statement you are implying a payment plan) for tethering. The actual wording is:

"...the option to tether your smartphone device to Model S will indeed be possible."

All it says is that it will be possible to tether your phone. It doesn't say whether there will be any cost associated with this, and certainly doesn't suggest there will be.

Nick....he says in the prior paragraph, "as well as a smartphone tethering plan"

Hmmm. Does that mean tethering the car to a smartphone and using the smartphone data plan, or tethering a smartphone to the car and using the car data plan...?

Based on everything that's been talked about to date, the most likely inference is that we should be able to use the ability of phones or personal hotspots or even our home wifi to get connected via wifi with no associated cost. I have a 4g wifi hotspot on my phone, and I have a personal LTE hotspot as well, and 10gb of data per month between them, so I sure hope that's the case at least!! That said, if the 3G plan is cheap enough, convenience sometimes trumps cost!

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