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Tesla Charging Stations - CT

Took a trip up 95 in CT today and at 2 of the rest stops with Tesla supercharging stations - NON TESLAs parked in the spots - WTF? Non electric cars, cmon man!


Where all the superchargers blocked or just a couple?

If I worked for any dealer or any other car manufacturer you bet I'd be blocking those chargers every chance I got. I doubt there are any fines for parking in them.

I imagine this will become an increasing problem as people who hate the idea of EVs figure it out.

Just back in behind them at an angle and plug-in. They can leave when you're finished. It's not like the signage is poor.

Here are some pictures of the Darien charging stations.

There are two chargers to the south of the building (first two photos), and two chargers just to the north of the building.

At the south chargers, there is no signage at all. There was one space occupied, and one blocked with cones.

At the north chargers, there is signage "Reserved for low emitting/fuel efficient vehicles" but again one was occupied, and one was blocked with cones.

cones could be there to keep ICE cars from inadvertently parking there - looks like the inconsiderate yellow car driver moved at least one cone - move the cone, back in and get your charge, leave a note for the yellow guy, and mention it to management - after enough complaints they may get the message -

Yellow car was parked legally - not sure if they moved the cone or not, but there is no sign that indicates that spot is reserved for charging.

The white car is parked in a space that is clearly marked reserved for fuel efficient vehicles, and it does not meet that criteria.

I wonder what Tesla's agreement is when they put in the chargers - based on the signage at Darien, it appears at the south chargers there is no preference given to Tesla MS cars in those spots, and at the north chargers it is simply for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles.

So not only do MS owners need to compete with one-another for spots (and move cones just to get in), we will have to compete with ICE vehicles!

I saw the white car parked there yesterday, but no cones.

Same white car? Maybe an employee who either is making sure nobody else parks there so he can move it if a Tesla needs the spot, or just thinks it is his private parking spot.

In all honesty, I can't say it was the same with 100% certainty, but my wife & I were joking about the "low emitting" sign, hanging over the rusty car, and I am certain it was the same spot, so I am inclined to think it is the same car.

When did you take the pictures? I was there 7/7/13 around 10:30am (best guess)

Around noon today. No MS yet, but was passing by so decided to check it out. We live nearby.

The signage really sucks. Here's signage at the Barstow, CA Supercharger:

No guarantees against getting ICE'd, but at least it's a little more obvious to the clueless. Also, the Superchargers are in a non-primo parking area in the back of the lot.

Nice to meet others in the area. We have a Roadster and an MS, and live nearby as well.
Hope to meet you there sometime!

We met a couple driving through from DC at the Milford charger last week.

We like to stop by and see if people are charging when we pass through :)

We don't have the community that Gilroy has yet!!

Were the southbound chargers working? Tesla has only said the North side at Darien was "online". Maybe they aren't ready yet. We stopped at the Milford southbound supercharger on Saturday afternoon and there was a truck parked in one of the two spots. Not energy efficient or a TESLA although there is clearly a sign there saying for Tesla charging only.

The Southbound plaza is still under construction. No gas, no electrons, no food.

Another challenge is if you drive past the "south" chargers and find the north chargers full or blocked, I don't think there is a way to get back to the south chargers.

I agree the tesla chargers should be located away from the building, where most people don't want to park anyway - that would help alleviate the problem. My only guess is they didn't want to run the electric that far.

You're right. And without signage, I didn't even know about the "south" chargers until this thread.

Funny you say that. I spotted the south chargers and drove right to them. On the way out, I was driving past the gas pumps getting ready to accellerate onto the highway (well, we were in the prius but I still call it accelleration nonetheless) and my wife spotted the north chargers.

No one parked there when I drove by at 9:00 this morning. But someone left a handwritten sign that said "Please leave these spaces for electric charging."

I'm glad that my post has generated some interest, those spaces should be for Tesla's only - period.

I drove by at 9:30 this morning heading south - took a quick glance and all spaces appeard open. On my way back north around 10:30, I drove through - all spaces open!

What we need now is some more Teslas to come through!

The location information for the Darien SC is wrong on the website:

Darien, CT
I-95 North
Between Exits 11 and 12
Connecticut Welcome Center
Darien, CT, 06820

It is actually between exits 12 and 13.

I would suggest taking a picture of the ICE vehicles in the charging spot finding the manager and have him call out the license plate # at the rest stop. Follow up with a letter to the rest stop management. If enough people do that I see where there may be clearer signage at the rest stops and hopefully reduce the icing problem -deWife

Those cones are there to block off the spots for Teslas, FYI - to prevent ICE vehicles from parking there. Obviously it's not a full proof system.

I travel on the 95 corridor often passing Milford and Darien rarely seen(maybe once or twice) Model S vehicles.

There was a similar looking white car in that same spot in Darien with a cone behind it when we were charging there while heading south on Sunday night from about 9 PM to about 11 PM, but thought it was a bit more beat up and older looking than the illustrated car, so not sure if it was the same exact vehicle or not.

Either way, would have been very annoying if the other spot wasn't available! At the time, one of the other two chargers on the other end of the travel center was ICED, the one closest to the curb was free with a cone in front.

On our first visit to the same travel center last Wednesday while heading north, both chargers on the south side of the travel center were ICEd, with the driver in the car of one of them... we glared at them until they got the hint and moved on. After parking, remembered hearing about 2 other chargers closer to the gas pumps, and one of those were free at that time, the other ICEd.

New signs just going up at the Darien Supercharger. Basically the same as the Barstow one, just one a pole.

"it was a bit more beat up and older looking than the illustrated car, so not sure if it was the same exact vehicle or not."

Hey, if you're going to park your heap in a spot designated for a Tesla Model S you certainly are going to want to get it detailed first.

Here is a new pic of Darien - signage has been improved significantly.!i=2689668487

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