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Tesla Ecosystem

The announcements today regarding the superchargers, Gen III, etc really seem to be creating the early framework for incredible tesla friendly ecosystem. I suspect that this will produce some extraordinary leveraged returns for tesla in the medium to long term. Assuming they can execute on the supercharger network, it will be truly phenomenal. Much like apple's ecosystem, once you're in it's hard to ever leave. Quite frankly, Apple's ecosytem is so good, it isn't terribly compelling to leave. Apple created a fundamental shift in how people access information. I suspect Tesla is on the verge of doing this with transportation.

I have said this before!!! I compared the supercharges to the app ecosystem that you will never want to leave!

I am fairly sure we will never see a chaDEMO adapter, for the above reason.

@ redshift - and here I thought I was being original. Props to u. And I couldn't agree more!!!


And the Tesla ecosystem will impact us in much more ways then Apple could ever dream of.

Unlike the Apple ecosystem Tesla claims they want to open it up to other carmakers for a better overall future. So kinda like google ;P

It would really speed the adoption of all EVs if they were far sighted enough to do this. I hope they don't seek the short outlook by keeping things closed or propritary.

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