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Tesla Event in Texas!

Com'on guys, you WILL sell thousands of Tesla's in Texas. We have to get a Tesla Dealership in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and our other large city's. I saw no Tesla Events slated for Texas. Texas is a market you definitely want to enter if you want to make the company grow.

I talked to Jing at the Colorado store. She told me Tesla legal is working on getting stores in Texas as part of their Model S rollout. As others have said, they will deliver to your door. The Models S will also have a wireless connection to allow problems to be diagnosed remotely. And of course the Rangers will make housecalls for service and bring any parts needed with them.

For the time being, there are workarounds. They're cumbersome in some ways, but even with them, dealing with Tesla looks like it'll still be better than dealing with your average auto dealership. The one catch is, they're not competing with average auto dealerships. In the $80-100,000 range, they're competing with places like Park Place and Sewell, who are top notch luxury car dealerships. They don't have purple inflatable gorillas, shouting TV ads, or high pressure salespersons.

That said, Tesla appears to have to-your-door delivery and service arrangements that just about match the convenience of the competition, even if you have to pass the phone back and forth between you and the service center and have someone in California relay the messages. When it comes time for my next car, Tesla is still my first choice.

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