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"The Tesla factory is building your Model S"

How sweet it is... My Tesla status has changed from "...sourcing parts..." to above subject wording, with late September delivery instead of end of September...

My wife is right: I am obsessed!

I have read prior discussion warnings on dates, but I am choosing to be optimistic and feeling good about driving ride of my life this month... Just hope my DS will contact me soon...

VIN 21149 order confirmed August 25...

Mine just changed today also.
My wife also thinks I'm obsessed!

- still sourcing parts for mine, and I'm also due end of Sept. Is it normal to be obsessively checking every day to see if the status has changed ?!?

If you only check your status once per day, that is abnormal :)
The closer to delivery you get you will be checking many times per day and checking the phone app to see if the car responds. Enjoy the anticipation of your new Model S.

No not normal but then again nothing normal about this car and customer experience..!

And I'm not even a social media kind of person to start with...


The phone app works before you have your car?

Phone app accnt created but mine not working yet. Also checking this daily... :-)

The phone app won't work until about an hour after you pick up your car. Tesla has to enable it.

@hanleym14 is this a performance or standard S? I confirmed a standard around same time - given 9/30 date. Still sourcing. Hoping you will tell me yours is standard. Throw me a bone.

Yeah just as another data point, I am picking my car up tomorrow form the factory. I have confirmed my car is completely built and waiting for me, but the phone app still says I have no vehicle linked to my account. Guessing maybe its different if it goes out on a truck vs. factory pickup? Some people seem to have luck with their app picking up their cars - but I sure haven't.

Checking the status once a day is normal, because I am normal, right?

Just a moment, that doesn't sound normal ;-) And I refresh that screen more than once a day. So I am "extranormal". I hope. Or?

What the hell, just get my car over the pond soon please TM...

Mine is a standard. Tentative delivery (and payment!) date 9/28. My status just changed today.

you need to enable "Remote App" from the car before the phone app will talk to it. It's one of the settings.

Hey p1SL,

Mine is performance; will advise as I get updates. Has your Delivery Specialist contacted you yet?


My status just changed today also, VIN 18314 and I confirmed 7/28!

Wish mine went into production a week after confirming it...

I confirmed on 8/9. Mine is a 60. Delivery scheduled for 9/19. Still sourcing...VIN20039
Received MVPA from my DS last Friday. I'm thinking about applying for financing this week.

Funny. My wife thought I was nuts as well. I'd constantly check before I got mine.

She also thought I was totally nuts when I spent about $400 on ordering tons of cleaning products, sprays, waxes, electric blower (to dry the car), towels, etc.

Keep in mind I haven't washed my own car since maybe high school. Well, she isn't laughing anymore. She is happy. I washed my car the other day and I also washed hers and waxed it.

She is a VERY happy camper now that I have the Tesla as her car is now getting some love as well.


The car wash and wife bitnis sounding like where I may be heading, with the bonus that my 6 & 9'yr old daughters will likely love helping Dad wash the car.

Only gadget I ordered so far is to attach to key fob as it sounds like leaving as is or attaching to traditional key rings are both so so options... 12$ purchase... :-)


Love to see those high VIN numbers..... over 21,000 and increasing.

I'm under 1000 and happy too :-)


I ordered two of these key fob holders and they are pretty good.

Got them super fast.

Some extra batteries for the key fobs:

And this is a great USB that is super tiny and you can fit your entire music collection on. It's so small you can barely see it in the car. Really great.

Yep, my kids like helping out to clean the car as well. Be careful with the 6 year old. The paint is super soft on it I've noticed so you have to be careful. I think I'm going to have the car wrapped in XPEL. Definitely the hood and the bumper in the back where the kids get in and out.

My DS contacted me 8/24, I think the same day as I confirmed (and initial order). Still sourcing no matter how many times I refresh the page.
@dramingly when did you confirm?

I'm probably checking it 3 or 4 times a day. My wife thinks i'm nuts too.
I'm looking at a delivery date of 10/10/13 at 10am..
My VIN is 20935

@earlyretirement : thanks for the suggestions and links; much appreciated!

"late September delivery instead of end of September." Say what? Is there a distinction? ;)

@Brian H : am trying to convince myself it means that instead of about Sept 30 (end), maybe "late Sept" means a few days before that....that is how desperate I am to get my new baby :-)

My dashboard says Late August. Looks like tomorrow, so I'll take it :-)

I hope everyone gets their cars early!

My wife commented that she was tired of hearing the word "Tesla." I told her it actually is an automotive code word for "I love you."

Last night before bed she kissed me and said "Tesla" ..............

Glad to know that I'm more or less normal. I've been checking four or five times a day. I ordered a week ago and mine says "sourcing parts" with a delivery in "September".

Mine is an 85kwh in screaming Tesla red with most of the options.
My only defense, if I need one, is that I am 71 yrs old and this may be my last new car. Might as well make it a real experience!

Now for a screaming red-head for the passenger seat, and you'll be all set!

I checked my status about 20 times a day for months - so I guess that's abnormal? Anyway, enjoy the anticipation and know that it is everything you think it will be.

P1SL, I think I placed initial order on 8/4, "forgot" to cancel, so was confirmed on 8/17.

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