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Tesla Forum is UNWIELDY — it needs a SEARCH ENGINE

Let me preface my comments by saying that in almost all respects, this website is very sophisticated and well designed. That being said, with all its resources, it is incredible—to me—that this Tesla forum has no search engine. There are thousands of threads and tens of thousands of posts. Imagine trying to navigate all of that. There is only so much time in the day. Come on you guys… get it together!


There is a DIY substitute nickjhowe created for us: generally works, though it depends on Google, and so may be a day or so out of date at any given time.

Also check out a Google extension which caches the forum data and performs a search for you. It will also search private threads (if you are logged in): I've Built a New Forum Search Tool for Chrome

Many people have moved to Tesla Motors Club for that very reason.
There is a weath of information there. Check it out.

Tesla Motors holds TMC in high regard. Executives and management at Tesla Motors monitor TMC forums and occasionally post messages there.

It is a vicious cycle, there are countless threads initiated (or re-initiated) on subjects such as:
1. How to unlock the car.
2. How to lock the car.
3. Did you hear the same noise I am hearing right now?
4. Perpetual motion. Perpetual motion. Perpetual motion. Perp...
5. I sent Tesla an email 2 minutes ago on a Sunday and they have not responded yet. (All CAPS and 3 exclamation points)
6. The 10th iteration of one of the above threads sticks to the main page forever because someone committed a grammatical error and sparked a cyberwar of biblical proportions. (Hint: you can avoid this by insinuating in every post that you are from Germany or Norway. Example: "I am from Germany and your wrong").

etc., etc. Many of those can be prevented or reduced with a search feature, which would avoid repeat threads, making the forum more readable, not necessitating the search feature so much... hmmm, now that sounds too much like perpetual motion.

Alex K;
someone warned that using that automatically marks all the threads (in Model S forum) as read. That can be handy, or not!

The scarcity of search keeps out the riff-raff . . . er a . . . MOST of the riff-raff.

Porfirio's comments are spot on... haha

@Brian H | OCTOBER 6, 2013: Alex K; someone warned that using that automatically marks all the threads (in Model S forum) as read. That can be handy, or not!

Yes, that's true if you are logged in. I usually run it to cache up results after I have read what I think is important first.

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