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Tesla King of Prussia Store (Mall) Questions on Specs

Question 1: When does it open?
Question 2: Will it have the Roadster?
Question 3: Will it have the Model S?
Question 4: Will it have the Model X?
Question 5: How will they market they're cars?
Question 6: If they do have the Model S, will it be a Beta Prototype?
Question 7: Where will it be located next to?
Question 8: Will it have the touchscreen design studio in there (like in a lot of stores)?
Question 9: Will it be located inside or out?
Question 10: What color cars will it have?
Question 11: How many cars will it have ?
Question 12: How many employees will it have?
Question 13: What trim level of car will it have?
Question 14: If they have the Model X, will the Falcon wing doors work?
Question 15: If they have the Model S or X, will the Door handles work?
Question 16: What are the specs of the car they have?
Question 17: What will be they're phone number?
Question 18: Will they sell cars?
Question 19: Will they have charging stations
Question 20: If they have the Model S or X, How many features will work?
You don't have to answer all these question but at least answer 1.
As always, Thank you all lot for reading

The local Park Meadows mall store has not had the roadster for a year. So far they have a rotating display of one beta Model S car that changes every 3 months. I'll bet it's inside the King of Prussia mall. The cars "sell" themselves and you reserve online if you want. The staff provides information and answers questions. They are friendly and soft sell. You will find it's a good place to hang out and discuss while waiting and deciding. (180 degrees from waiting until Sunday, when it's closed, to look at cars at your local car dealership)

You just gave me a moving-picture image of going to a dealer lot to look around during the week, carrying a placard saying, "If a sales rep approaches or speaks to me, I will leave immediately without answering!"


I used to dress down to look at cars during the week so they would think I wasn't worth the sales pitch :o)

2. Roadster (AFAIK) is now on sale only in Urp, except for aftermarket (resale).
5. their
8. GB is making all new stores more complete and interactive all the time. Design Studio for sure.
17. their
18. Interesting question. How many states do not have "dealer only" laws? Here's a 2009 study discussing the economics:

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