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Tesla in Malaysia

Hi there, I'm Louis Thor from Malaysia. I'm totally impress of what had Tesla contributed to the environment and I really hope that I'm one of it. So, I wish to know that is there any Tesla dealer or reseller in Malaysia?
If no, can I apply for it? What is the requirement? Thanks.

There are no dealers or resellers. Only Tesla employees in their car stores.

Does anybody know what the import tax would be for bringing a Tesla into Malaysia?

Right-hand drive deliveries of Model S (perfect for Malaysia) will begin in Spring 2014.

I'd like to know what Malaysian duties would be levied. There is a 100% import duty exemption and 100% excise duty exemption for electric and hybrid cars in Malaysia until 31 December 2013 but does this only count for cars assembled in Malaysia?

Any advice greatly received!

The link below should give you an idea of the latest policy for EV in Malaysia to qualified for full tax exemption .

I think your range are within the price Malaysian use to pay for conventional cars. If you can sell at the price that you sell in the US, with full tax exemption , you need to have a CKD operation in Malaysia and use the country as a hub for South East Asia.

You wouldn't be paying on taxes to 'bring a car into Malaysia' if it was already there, so, it isn't, and yeah, you go to America, you pick up a Tesla, you ship it home

I'm not sure if you can import LHD cars, but if you can in Malaysia with a special exemption, I'm sure they'd let you import one

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