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Tesla May Have Saved My Life Today

I have a food allergy that triggers from exercise. Working with a good allergist, I am still trying to figure out which foods cause it and how to stop it.

About three months ago, after eating some trail mix before running, I went into full anaphylactic shock on the side of a rarely used road in south Reno. The anaphylaxis hit me hard, my blood pressure dropped dangerously low, and breathing became very difficult. When it happens, all I can do is lay down and hope blood keeps pumping to my brain. I knew the road name and approximately where I was, so my 911 call with one bar on my phone was successful. I made it.

From that point forward, I've always carried an epi pen while running, and I try not to eat at least an hour before I start.

This morning, I had some cheese and avocado on a corn tortilla (not trail mix!), and I went for a run around an hour later. I decided to mix it up and take an old mountain biking trail up into the hills to see how much of it remained after a housing development was built over it. For the first time since my last episode, I forgot my epi pen.

About two miles in, full anaphylactic shock hit me on the trail. Down I went. My blood pressure plummeted and breathing was very difficult. Of all runs since my last episode, I was in the worst possible place because I didn't know how to tell someone not familiar with the trail where I was... and I didn't have my epi pen.

I called my wife who was about two miles away as the crow flies and told her to head my way with my epi pen.

In a panic, she sped in the general direction in our Model S, but I couldn't tell her what streets to turn on because I couldn't see street names on my phone due to the bright sun (and my 44 year old eyes). This became frustrating for both of us because I knew she was my fastest access to the epi pen, and I was going downhill fast.

Thankfully, I thought to open the Tesla app and see where she was. I could then say, "Turn right, go straight, turn left..." and that got her to the cul-de-sac that was about 1,000 ft. from my location. She saw a sheriff's car parked in one of the driveways and asked for help (off duty sheriff). They jumped in his 4wd and sped to my location. I've never been happier to stab a needle in my leg.

Thanks Tesla. Your technology saved me.

I know it's not as scenic, but maybe you should run on the treadmill for a while. Glad you are OK!

Wow, pretty impressive story.

Wow man, glad everything turned OK.

All's well that ends well.

All cars in the Tesla price range should have this - nothing that is particularly connected to being an EV.

That's why I don't run....safer on the couch with epi pen next to the Cheetos!

Wow. Glad you are okay.

@tjohnson - Quick thinking on your feet, um, or bum.

Glad everything worked out. Make sure there isn't a third time or your wife might stab you with something bigger than a needle.

Wow. Sure glad you didn't forget your smartphone even though you forgot the pen.

Great that you're okay.

However, do you have many of the Model S in Reno?

I'm asking that is because we're visiting friends in Reno this next week and they say they have a neighbor with a Model S.

You're not by any chance on or near Drisoll Drive are you?

Is Drisoll Dr. the address of the local ER?

No. Where my friends live. Assuming you're not joking.

No, wonderful as the story is. Tesla didn't save you. Your amazing presence of mind did. Well done!!!


Great comments. Nope, I'm not on Driscoll Drive. Northwest Reno.
I'm the EV guy for the power company. I'll have some really good news about charging stations in NV in about 6 weeks. More soon!

@Robert - Thanks!! Today was a rough day... much better now.

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