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Tesla Model III

The most interesting part of this article is the forthcoming update to the Roadster's battery pack allowing for 400 miles of range. That pack will probably also be compatible with supercharging, which should make a lot of Roadster owners very happy. The rest was a rehash of things we've already known, more or less.

I don't like the name "Model III".

Interesting - Gen 3 will be called the Model III and will be unveiled in 2016. Roadster owners can buy a new battery that will get 400 miles to the charge from the current battery's range of 245.

AR +1
All pretty tired news except he'd hinted at exciting Roadster updates by the end of 2014. Wonder if that's true? Seemed like a logical thing if it's technically doable.

Why is the range target for the new Model III ONLY 200 miles? Must be an option to go for more at more$.

Minimum of 200. Of course, there will be an option for a bigger battery, along with a host of other goodies that are sure to keep the ASP at healthy levels. Why is this in the Model S forum? I started a post in the general forum prior to this, so... FIRST! :)

I've seen these pictures of the Model III before but at this moment, I can not locate where I saw them.

Tesla has never released any Model III pictures. They are just third-party guesses - often just a Model S made a little smaller using Photoshop.

I also thought this was interesting and cool:

It's most likely to be based on an all-new platform rather than a cut-down version of the one underpinning the Model S and Model X. The new technology will be the brainchild of Tesla’s British engineering chief Chris Porritt, who used to work with Aston Martin.

The pictures are Model S, not Model III.

400 miles for the Roadster that means 85 kWh battery.

Yep, the article says..."our image shows how it could look".

Model III (three) looks and sounds good to me .. Good choice I think .
Did not expect this name though nor other suggestions I've seen.

Maybe starting base range of three hundred miles would sound just right as well... Imo


"eddiemoy | JUNE 12, 2014
elon mention they will do something cool for the roasters. i think providing them an upgraded battery pack even if they have to pay for it would be really cool!

imagine if they get the 85kw, they would close to 400mile per charge instead of the 245 and they would also get more power if they replace the inverter!

not sure if they can manage to put more power to the ground though and get it to do anything less than 3.7sec, that might be the limit for two wheel road tires???"

by the way, i think they should take the "E" from their tesla logo and use it to represent "3", so basically III turned 90 degrees. This would tie right into their logo scheme and they can still have that "S" "E" "X"

i made a mock up of it on the tesla facebook page:

Gen III was supposed to be a new platform for several vehicles, much like the Model S and X share a platform.

I think the Roadster owners would be very happy with Roadster chargers at Supercharging stations.

Tesla is using an Arabic 3, not the Roman numeral on their FB page.

Could use capital sigma - Ʃ. It sort of looks like an E. Models S Ʃ X.

You don't think they'll go all the way and make the Roadsters SC compatible?

I 2nd @TonyR63

It would "sum up" the first part of Tesla's journey

@BH - I'm sure the Roadster owners would love an adapter but I don't think they can handle the juice. IIRC, they don't do DC.

bighorn, making the new pack supercharger ready would require the big ass relay and more stuff to be swapped out on the car. i think upgrading the pack with newer higher capacity cell as we have in the model s would be where they stop... hope im wrong and they go the extra mile and enable supercharging and up the inverter! again, i wonder if the roadster can get 2.7sec to 60mph? probably not on two wheel drive.

I hope they stylize it as the Tesla 'E' rotated 90 degrees to make the III. Then they'll still have the Model E combo...

Take a look at the Tesla Motors logo.

See how the letter 'E' is made?

That same symbol can also represent the numeral '3'.

That will do just fine. Tesla can still call the car 'Model 3', while using an emblem that all enthusiasts identify as 'E'. Ingenious.

@BH - I found a 2007 Tesla Blog by Elon that refers to the cars as model 1, model 2 and model 3. Not sure where I saw GEN III. Probably TMC.

Prolly shoulda used something like this instead:

Sigma symbol sounds super cool ...
However , may pose a problem for the "un-initiated" bystander , figuring out what kind of tesla he/she just saw.

Keeping the model name simple can go a long way to market branding. esp. this is gonna be The mass market car for TM.

Great work, Eddie. Not sure if that would inspire a lawsuit from Ford. But they can certainly do an E mirror image.

I think there are already vehicles that use Sigma... There was a thread about this in the General forum where it was mentioned. :-(

I rather like Epsilon myself, but I am very pleased with the play on words & symbols that Elon chose instead.

Poor BMW 3 Series already looks old and in adult diapers, and Tesla tres hasn't even been drawn up yet.


I have long thought that any range less than that of the Model S is not really marketable in a new version.

The standard has been set, and the "mass market" is not going to accept anything less. Whether that means a delay in production until a technological breakthrough in batteries is available, or a completely new design which can accommodate at least as powerful a battery as we have now, I cannot see a successful launch of a new car with a shorter range. Range is absolutely paramount in convincing large numbers of buyers to switch to electric.

@procarl - there is an old study of market potential vs practical range... it goes like this
100 miles range - 4% potential buyers
150 miles range - 40% potential buyers
200 miles range - 70% potential buyers
300 miles range - 96% potential buyers

Yes, 350+ miles EPA is the holy grail, but even 200 practical miles ( like the MS85 ) has a substantial market.

Compliance cars with less then 100 miles range cater only to a very small market.

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