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Tesla Model S Navigation System Missing Features.

I just completed my first out of town trip in my Model S which was delivered 4/2/2014. While the navigation system works pretty well there are features which I feel are missing. I would be interested if anyone has found a way to manually drop a point that could then be designated as a destination. For instance, if Google doesn't know exactly where you want to go but you can find your destination on the map, there should be a way to use the touchscreen to designate a point and set that point as your destination. I could do this on the system that was in my 2002 Lexus LS430. The same is true of my Garmin Nuvi.

Another missing feature concerns alternate routes. When I wanted to return home from Binghamton, NY to Amherst, NY the nav system routed me on secondary roads to Rochester and then onto the interstate. We preferred using limited access roads the whole way. Most systems I have seen will offer, "Shortest" or, "Fastest", or, "Alternate" route choices. Even Google maps offers multiple route options. I need these features in my Model S navigation system! Maybe in Version 6.0? Please!

Software 6.0 is supposed to have "some" of these features but Tesla is being tight lipped.

Agree on setting waypoints and offering alternate routes.

More features I use heavily on my Garmin nuvi - advanced route planning and insert via point en-route. When I am on a multi-day road trip with multiple stops every day, I like to set up routes for every day with all the stops pre-programmed. This allows me to simply bring the route for the day up quickly and be on my way instead of sitting in the car and entering all destinations (model S doesn't allow entering multiple stops any way, so it is worse). While driving one of the routes, I like being able to add impromptu stops - coffee, lunch, snacks, an interesting place advertised on a billboard etc, without having to cancel current route. All of this is easily done on a nuvi, and not even possible on Model S.

I'd like to see elevation added. Another really nice feature that the NAV my Chrysler 300 had was that it always knew the speed limit of where ever you were. Your actual speed in the indicator always turned to red when you were over the life,it and always showed what the limit was. It was uncanny, changing the moment you passed a new speed limit sign.

Just one more thread that confirms the wisdom of not purchasing the Tech package just to get the minimally functional Nav.

@xray - Using a browser (not the one in the car), you can go to Google Maps, place the arrow over a location and double left click. That will open a box in the upper left of the screen that will give you the Lat/Long of the location. Using the search function of the Google Map in the car, enter that Lat/Long and it will drop a pin on that location. For example: 32.915 -117.099. If you are in the U.S., make sure you precede the Long with the minus sign. Cumbersome yes, but it's a way to manually enter a location that isn't otherwise identified on the car's Google Map.

You assume the Nav package will never improve? I can't imagine owning this car without the Tech package.

@trekkie: That is my hope, and seeing how much Tesla has improved this car over last year, I think that is a realistic hope. Customer feedback on what is missing from customer perspective will hopefully help guide those improvements.

The worst part about the 'nav system' (which it really isn't) that if there's no internet connection, there's no maps...Tesla's mapping app doesn't cache the map it's pretty useless up here in Vermont (cuz Tesla uses ATT for internet, which sucks in rural areas generally). I'm hoping for a software update that will address this...i'm still at firmware version 4.5 :(

Tesla should sit down with BMW's i3 navigation to see what good navigation looks like...

@Trekkie - No assumptions one way or the other about a Nav software upgrade. In my personal case, I wasn't willing to pay $3750 for an options package just to get the Nav and then hope (for 22 months since first deliveries) that it might someday be upgraded to the sort of features that have been pretty standard on most auto and stand alone Navs for years. I love my Model S, but have always been puzzled as to why such a technologically advanced motion machine comes with such a basic Nav, no guidelines on the backup camera display, and so few station presents in the media center. Geez, even my wife's Leaf has all that, and there's no way I would try to compare the two.

There are a lot of other options in the tech package which I like such as HID headlights. My previous car was my first car with HIDs. Now I won't get a car without them.

The NAV system is being upgraded. 5.9, for example, finally added support for adding my own locations as well as home and work so I can just say "Navigate to home".

Updates have also included things like the map being able to rotate in the direction the car is going and it looks like caching is a lot better.

As far as not having a connection, the map next to the speedometer does not rely on the Internet connection.

Xenon HIDs are now part of the standard equipment. No need to get the tech pack for those anymore.

Alternate routes are a must. In using Model S navigation to both the Hawthorne and Buellton Superchargers, we were routed far out of our way. Google Maps on Android much better.

I need to drive from Cottonwood, AZ to Kingman, AZ so I asked three different nav programs for the best route. Google maps, Bing maps, and Streets and Trips all gave different routes! I won't know what my Model S will say until I get to Cottonwood.

I would like to add one more voice to the disappointment in the NAV system. I moved up from a Leaf to Tesla Model S and there is no comparison as far as the NAV system goes. Google Maps on my Android Phone much better. Especially like the "Traffic" feature. Also ditto on the lack of lines on the rear view camera.

New features on 5.9 now allow you to save destinations home work etc. Also all visited chargers are saved . We have driven quite a lot using Teslas Nav. and it works great most of the time.

Xray you could use your iPad to navigate as I did last week when my S was in for service my loaner was a CRV . The best thing is Tesla can update your car with a new level of software that could bring all kinds of functionality changes. Try that on your BMW or what ever. I used to own an Accura MDX updates for that Nav system were few and costly .

You do not have it so bad Xray!

Question about the Nav system since I don't have my MS yet: Can you go back and navigate to previous destinations without re-entering the address?

@proven: Yes, it remembers previous destinations.

@proven. yes

How do you suspend or cancel the navigation while you're driving? Anyone know?

The cancel button on the navigation screen. There should be only two buttons there.

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