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Tesla model S vs...Compilations

Hey Tesla Lovers, just made a editing of some vs moments of the Tesla model S that some may like ( i do alot :)

More are coming

Comment if you feel like it , or to scare trols away, that bug me sometimes all day long

@Filipe Portugal +1

I dug the compilation. +1

Thxs guys... doing it cause im a fan of tesla

Thank you*

Drag racing on public streets is pretty damn stupid and to film it then post it on a world wide

Hopefully you don't kill yourself or someone else.

The autoblog is in next ;) thats a special one


You do realize that Filipe's compilation video was just a COMPILATION of other videos on youtube correct? It wasn't him in any of those videos...

Cool stuff! I am surprised to see how the camaro was only one that seemed to beat the MS off the block.

Would be good to see other cars that are in the P85 price bracket measure up. Panamera, S class, 5 series etc.

I'm trying to find all the videos there is ... i would like also to see a track comparacion , until then i will keep entertaining with this small work :)

lmao my bad.

no problem

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